Jacket for James

12:40 PM

Our brother James rides a motorcycle, so he always wears some type of jacket. I made this one for him as an alternative to his leather jacket which can get really hot in the spring and summer. I used a heavy cotton twill for the outer and polyester lining on the inside. It has four welted pockets, two on the chest, two at the waist. I did a military-style standing collar with a front snap closure. My favorite detail is the floating cuffs at the wrist. A ribbed cuff is great for a motorcycle jacket because it keeps the wind from rushing up the sleeves, but the gathering it causes can really take away from a sleek looking jacket. So, I decided to make the ribbed cuff and the sleeve completely separate. James will get the functionality of a ribbed cuff, but the sleeves just stay nice and crisp.

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  1. I love how you did the sleeve cuffs. Very, very cool for function, and looks really nice!

    1. Took the words right outta my mouth! Nicely done, Lynette!

  2. Oh my fiance would love this! It gets toasty here in AZ during the summer and riding gets hot for sure. I dont have near the skill to even attempt this. Love the look and the ribbed cuffs.

  3. great jacket! i love the cuff treatment, so smart!

  4. I need to make my hubby something like that with the cuffs/sleeves separate. Cause he would love to ride his motorcycle more often, but the cold up the sleeves are not his favorite thing.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a cool looking jacket! I love how you did the sleeves. Pure brilliance.

  6. Sisters that sew for their brothers, lucky men!

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  8. Lucky you to have a brother who will model the awesome things you sew for him! Good job! Lucky brother to have you sew for him.


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