Military Shirt for Herschel

9:42 AM

For Herschel's birthday gift I made him a shirt with some really great military details: pleated chest pockets, epaulettes, and (my favorite bit) a hidden belly welt pocket that is long enough to conceal a knife. 

I used a pale grey heavy weight cotton, then dyed it with a little bit of black to get a dark grey wash that looks like something our good friend John Rambo would have liked to wear.

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  1. the waist pocket is cool & interesting. maybe a phone would work too....rather than a knife. glad he got a haircut.

  2. Was the pattern self drafted or did you purchase one? If purchased, could you share what one? Thanks.

  3. Looks great. Just wondering what kind of knife he uses.

  4. love all the details of this shirt!

  5. Great shirt! Lucky man to have his sisters sewing for him ;-). BTW, I have a tailoring/ alterations question for you, would you have a minute and an email to help me out?

    1. definitely. You can contact me directly: ladydanburry at

  6. Great Military Shirt ,where to purchase it?


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