Garage Sale Finds

9:54 PM

Sometimes you go to yard/ garage sales and find nothing, and it feels like a waste of time.  But yesterday was a good day for last minute finds before we move.

Heavy, sturdy toy box
I will definitely paint it, but still debating about making a lid for it.
2 ugly table lamps
$5 each
These will go in the master bedroom after a make-over

Old Miter Saw
10" blade and can't wait to have it to make our little projects easier!
This was my favorite deal.
Sewing Machine Table
This didn't have the machine in it, but the hardware and cords are still in there, so those will go and it will get a paint job.  It'll go in our entry way cubby as a baby console-ish table.  I was pumped out it only being 2 bucks!

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  1. Great finds! You have the best garage hunting skills. :) I could go either way on the toy box lid. I like to be able to hide the clutter away, but most of the time our toy box is heaping full and a lid wouldn't fit on top.

  2. I say go with the lid...but I also have two large toy boxes with lids so that I can fit all the big clutter toys in them and then shut the lid and magically it is all better :) lol...

    I am jealous about your awesome sewing table too...great finds!!! Oh and the saw also, that is on my list as well.

    Looking forward to the redos. Have fun!

  3. Saw = extreme jealousy over here. Congrats on all the great finds! I'd leave the lid off the box. Less chance of little fingers getting mashed and you can always add one when he gets a little older.

  4. Great finds! I like a lid on toy boxes...but I have the same problem as Kellie any boxes for toys we have are always overflowing.

  5. I'm so jealous of the toy box. I've been looking for an affordable wooden one FOREVER. I say go with a lid. The best thing about lids on toy boxes, I think, is that you can add some foam and some fabric and they pull double duty as a bench! I love double duty!

  6. For lids on toyboxes I say it depends on the room. We have one with a lid in our living room so the toys can be hidden away. In our daughter's bedroom there is no lid so toys can be quickly tossed in off the floor.

    Looks like some great finds. Woohoo!

  7. Go with a lid for tidiness but make sure that a) the lid will stay open when tidying and b) that it is not too heavy for children to open. Both problems that I had with toy boxes!

  8. Thanks for all your toy box lid suggestions!


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