State Legislater Chairs {Part 2}

10:44 PM

The info begins for anyone taking the plunge to reupholster!
additional info on supplies from {Part 1.5}

outside fabric 2.25 yards per chair (assuming using upholstery/ drapery/ outdoor fabric which is usually 52" wide)
scrap inside fabric 1.5 to 2 yards per chair (I just found ugly fabric for $1.00/yard)
double welt cording 6 yards per chair (find it in upholstery section at fabric store, mine was $0.25 per yard)
foam 1” thick (I got a roll 1" x 24" x 96" for 2  chairs)
polyfil a couple handfuls, or 1 small bag

staple gun
staples (shorter the better, I used 1/4")
regular screwdriver

1. Strip Down Chairs
Remove all the tacks and staples. I just used a regular screwdriver and pliers to pry up the tacks. Underneath the tacks and leather, are all the staples. Most I pried up with a screwdriver and then pulled out with pliers.

This step took me a while to pry them all off. Save the leather to use as a rough pattern for your outside fabric.
I threw all the batting and yellow foam in the trash, but kept the green pads.
More info from {part 1}

2. Refinish Legs
I chose to paint the legs. I cleaned them with soap and water, painted it with primer, then used an ivory satin finish spray paint.  I sealed it with a spray polyurethane.

You could also sand and stain the wood.

3. Cut Foam
Start with the biggest pieces, the seat and back. Just trace the green pads.

Next cut out the foam for the arm rests, leaving about 1” extra on the sides.

***I had to piece some of my foam by sewing 2 pieces together using a needle and thread and just basting them together. I think if you cut your large pieces first, you should have enough room so you don’t have to sew foam.

Soon we'll begin the upholstery process and putting these back together! Stay tuned.

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  1. Ooh, can you pop round my house after and do mine too? I'd be ever so grateful...

  2. I would, but I have to get my own finished! :)


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