Total Splurge!

12:50 AM

Bought these 2 retro bar stools for the kitchen for my Mother's Day gift.  My husband had something planned, but cancelled the purchase online...and he refuses to tell me what it was, so I hope these chairs were better than the mystery gift I killed.
They were brand new from a furniture liquidator.
The most expensive piece we've purchased since we've been getting furniture together.
They were $40.00 each, but I thought it was still a really great deal even though it exceeded our standard $10 piece of junk we're used to.
They adjust to counter height and bar height.
So I guess red will be the accent color for the kitchen and I should paint this little baking box red after all.

Also got a big lamp at good will (Deseret Industries for me) for $8.00.  I walked in this outdoor area and there it was across the room glowing in the exact shade of robin-egg blue I'm using for the living room.
If my life were a musical I would have had a full song and dance right there, maybe rolling down the aisle of broken skiis and golf clubs on the shopping cart, singing for joy. 
It's amazing how lame my life is that a cheap lamp makes my day...and it's a good thing my life isn't a musical.

But I hope you understand and would be excited too if it were you!  Finally a piece of junk that doesn't need a make-over!  But does need the frame and lamp shade.

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  1. That is a great lamp.
    I have yet to find a great lamp at DI.
    I too often think that many times in my life a song could appear out of no where when I score a great find or something else strikes my fancy and a song would make everything just that more perfect.


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