Sewing Storage Box

2:38 PM

To try to spiff up my craft room, I once again used the Glidden Spanish Olive paint to improve my little storage box.  It sits on my table right next to the sewing machine. I figured the file cabinet needed a little green and white friend.

I bought this at a garage sale for a few dollars.  I labeled the drawers with masking tape.
New set of paint and labels that won't peel off.

Not much to this project, just painted the boxes on the front in green.
I chose white for the inside and sides of each drawer.

The labels stumped me.  I looked online and in hardware stores, but found nothing or really expensive label holders for over $1.00 each.  Way too much for this little storage box.

My final solution was to look to the craft store in the scrapbook section.  I don't scrapbook, so I miss out on all the cool new things they have, like the whole metal section.

These metal plates are actually to make tags.  The package included  12 frames for only $2.00

So I just printed them out, sized them up and hot glued each label onto the drawer front.

Pretty easy, but makes quite the difference.

As you can probably tell, our office/ craft room will share the same space.  White and green are kind of the theme due to my loving this Spanish Olive and trying to use the one quart of paint I have.
I'm running out of paint, so the Spanish Olive projects will be coming to an end.

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  1. This is a cute storage piece. I love the labels, it really sets it off. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so great... the perfect size for keeping track of all that little stuff. Good project!

  3. What a great result. I love hanging out in the scrapbooking section even though I don't scrapbook. You find really cool things!

  4. I have that same little set of drawers. It's from IKEA (where I got mine)! I'm trying to reorganize my craft room and this is a great idea! Thanks!


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