Gentlemen Broncos t-shirt {part1}

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-the Bronco Years-
Moon Buggy

I'm assuming close to no one reading this has ever watched the film:

I'm not recommending it, as I've only met 2 other people that like this movie.  My cousin, Staci and my brother in law Drew.  It was pulled from many theaters the same weekend it opened. 
Actually, I watched it for the first time in March of this year.  We got it from Netflix just to check it out, knowing it received awful reviews.  But we liked Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre from the same writer/ director, so we watched it.  I turned it off and made a comment about how dumb it was, not funny, and wishing I'd had those 2 hours of my life back.
I kind of hated it....
....but "oh my holy crap"
... I couldn't stop thinking about it.
It got more and more hilarious in the weeks following as my husband and I would remember different little details.

If you've seen it, I'm a little embarrassed to broadcast how much we like this film.  I would describe the humor as "10-year-old boy", meaning puke, poop, belching, etc.  So we have an immature sense of humor have shared it with our teenage nieces and nephews and have developed a little G.B. fan club. So we're making a few tee shirts for the kids while I have my two 13-year-old nieces visiting.

So this is the first tee shirt. 
It's the title of the main character's novel with a moon buggy sketch.

Here's the moon buggy from the movie, driven by a cyclops wearing a silk scarf, of course.

Obviously no one will be making a Yeast Lords shirt, but I loved the way the notebook paper applique turned out.
It's just white broadcloth with fusible interfacing on the back.  I sewed blue horizontal rows 1/4" apart with a long stitch length, then one vertical red row to imitate notebook paper.
I actually used my 3 hole punch to punch the holes in the side.  It cut about half the circle, and I used scissors to cut out the rest.

To "draw" the text and moon buggy to look like it was sketched with pen, I used black thread and my free motion presser foot to sketch it on the fabric.
I drew the moon buggy with disappearing ink first, and then just winged the text as I went to make it look hand drawn and messy.

I just zig-zagged the applique to an Old Navy t-shirt for my nephew who's 15.

I thought it actually looked a lot like an actual notebook piece of paper on a t-shirt.

Other ideas of notebook shirts have ran through my mind, some as immature as the original inspiration-- "Kick Me" patch sewn on the back of a t-shirt as a gag gift.
Then my mom instincts kicked back in and I thought of making a name label for kindergartner's backpacks.
Rather than embroidery or sharpie to label the kid's backpack, you could make the "learning to write paper"--you know the kind with the dotted line in the center?, then sewing the child's name with simple lettering and sewing the patch on the backpack.  

More ideas could come from notebook paper appliques...but these are the few I thought of.

Stay tuned for more G.B. t-shirts to come.

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  1. this is pure genius im in love with t his shirt. I still don't understand why more people won't jump on the Bronco bandwagon..seriously great movie!

  2. this is the best. ever. that movie is so, so, um, i don't even know how to describe. i'm totally making a yeast lords shirt.

  3. Probably not my kind of movie but I love the T-shirt especially the notebook paper applique. So creative! I like the name tag Idea too. Very cute.

  4. I am giggling. I had the same reaction to Napoleon. And now I think it's pretty much one of the best movies ever. :) We may have to start netflix again. The t-shirt is awesome.

  5. I think it's a fantastic idea! It SO makes me want a shirt with a LIGER on it!!!!!

  6. Sewing notebook paper is such a great idea! Limitless possibilities.

  7. I've never seen the movie, but I love the note book look. It does look exactly like you took some loose leaf and stuck it on a shirt. Awesome.

  8. i had not heard of that movie but my husband is a huge Nacho fan so we watched the trailer together and he is now insisting that we add it to the netflix queue. :) I like Napoleon and Nacho but I think they are more fun to quote than to watch!
    Great job on all the shirts. You're awesome!

  9. My first thought when i saw the shirt was that it was a piece of paper on a tshirt... love the appliqued paper

    I wonder what else icould make with that type design... school supply stuff perhaps?


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