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A while ago, I thought I'd try to do a better job about sharing more about myself on this blog, rather than just listing projects, but it really hasn't happened.

Mainly because I can't think of anything I would think you'd want to know.

So I'm opening up to answer any questions you may have, husband's job? where I grew up? and I feel willing to answer pretty much anything.

So if you have something you'd like to know about me, you can leave a comment or email it to:

To jump start it, I thought I'd share an awkward gem from my tween years.


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  1. Hi Jessica

    I have been following your blog for about 6 months now and am so jealous of all the wonderful things you can sew and make and do!!! I have two questions:

    1) Have you been sewing for a long time?

    and more importantly,

    2) How on earth do you have the time to complete all the projects you do with two kids, one being an infant???

    I'm about to have my second child and I find that projects sit and sit and rarely get past the "I have a great idea stage." My little one likes to be involved in everything I do so spray painting something or tackling a project on the sewing machine cannot happen, and the baby isn't even here yet! :-) You must have some secret I don't know about and once you share it with me I too can become a crafty, creative mom extraordinaire!!!

    Love your blog and, even if I can't do half of what you do, I always feel inspired when reading. Hope you continue blogging for a long time!


  2. OK, how about: what project are you most proud of? What hobby would you most like to do for the rest of your life if you could get paid to do it? And if you could take one non-essential luxury item to a desert island (I always love this question), what would it be? (I think for me--does a library worth of books count? An unlimited Kindle/Nook?) :)

  3. I found your blog through a post on WhipUp (for your pocket skirt) and spent the weekend reading your archives - Love your blog!

  4. Okay...first of all....I. completely cracked up (@ your expense) @ your arm comment on the picture! If its any consolation, it was a much needed giggle. I even showed my husband. Thanks!
    & I enjoy reading your blog :)

  5. holy cow your arms and legs were SO long!! you obviously grew into them! :)

    what is your favorite book? favorite movie? what is your favorite part of sewing? what is your least favorite?

    btw, I think you do a great job of sharing some personal stories. i really enjoyed reading about your years as a ballet dancer and almost died laughing about your experience in Italy!

  6. Love your picture! We all went through that awkward stage. I have a photo of me in the 7th grade where my barrette is huge and my part crooked. I remember thinking I looked good. lol I was always the shy one, short and carried the baby fat until the 9th grade when I finally started my period and thinned out. Yes, I said 9th grade. I remember thinking how cool it would be to be able to complain about having cramps! I also did not have an athletic bone in my body. I was the one who ended up on a team at recess by default. You know, the last one left. Funny that my best friend was the tallest girl at school (today 6 feet tall) and the most athletic. She wouldn't even pick me! We laugh about it still today, 48 years later.
    What I would like to know about you is: Where do you find the time to do all that you do? I very much enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your projects.

  7. Oh know, I added age to myself. It was 43 years not 48! Just had to clarify that. I'm 52 and we have been friends since we were 9.

  8. I love your blog and am constantly telling myself I am going to try your ideas. My favorite thing to try so far is the envelope pillows. We actually got a bunch of pillows with our couches and I just used thick fabric to cover them up, leaving the original fabric underneath in case I change my mind later. I have made so many of those. Like others have asked, when do you find time to sew/complete projects? Now that I have two kiddos I feel like my free time is in short supply and my toddler is constantly wanting to "help". Thanks for documenting your projects. The way you write is so open, honest, and hilarious. I love it!


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