Patio Dining Set

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I took a junk pile of patio dining furniture and refinished it to match.

Once Spring rolled around, I started hunting the local online classifieds for patio furniture.  I missed some sweet deals, but ended up snagging these 4 metal chairs and glass top table for only $25.00!  That's only $5.00 per piece--which is what I reminded my husband when he went to help me buy "more junk".  I also reminded him how much he will love this crap once I'm finished with it.

He thought the table was too rusted to be worth refinishing.

There was a lot of rust damage.  To paint the table, we had to remove the legs from the glass top and the bolts were rusted so badly, Rhett ended up just sawing through them with a hack saw.

So once the table was taken apart, I scrubbed each piece with a wire brush to remove as much rust as I could and any chipping paint, then washed them with soapy water.

From here I primed them with Rustoleum metal rust prevention spray primer.
Then I sprayed it with 2 coats of Krylon gloss spray paint in Classic Gray.
I went back and forth on the color for a  while, since these have been sitting in my garage for almost 2 months before I touched them.  I debated going with neutrals like white or black, or having fun with a bright turquoise or something.
But in the end I chose gray for the set, still a neutral, but still a little different.  This set is going on our back porch under the shade sails,so I thought gray would go well with the bright yellow house.

The four chairs had been repainted, I'm guessing with a latex paint and the previous owners didn't prime them, because paint had chipped off everywhere, and many areas were also rusted.

The 4 chairs got the same primer and gray spray paint treatment.  I learned I dislike scraping paint with a wire brush almost as much as I hate sanding wood.

So in the end, I ended up spending more money on spray paint than I did the actual furniture, but I feel like it was worth it.  I saw the same metal chairs at Lowes for $50.00 each, so still a smoking deal to buy junk and fix it up in my eyes.
Especially now the table matches the chairs so it kind of looks like they belong in a set.

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  1. FABOOO! :)

    I think we must have a bunch of Craigslist Snobs here in the Phoenix area. You're the second person I know of to recently snag a tablet set for way less than $100. All the ones I'd even remotely consider go for upwards of $250 and beyond. And I don't mind spraying, remodeling, etc.

    You did a super great job. Are you considering cushions on the chairs at all? Just curious. Yellow would look too cute!

  2. That stinks your area doesn't sell their junk for a good price. Full priced used junk? What?

    I do have plans for cushions...the fabric and foam are sitting here, and will probably continue to sit here a while longer.

  3. I have been meaning to repaint my patio furniture, but just hadn't settled on a color yet. Right now they are bits of green, black, and white! When you took the wire brush to your chairs did you just take off the flaking paint, or all of the paint. I haven't been looking forward to this step, so it has encouraged my procrastination on my project! Yours look great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amy: I just brushed flaking paint off. At first I thought I would completely strip them down, but reality set in and I just removed flaking paint. They do have chemical stripper in a spray that would be useful if you do strip them all the way down.

  5. I tackled a similar project a few years back and the effort was worth the result. Looks like you did a great job and you can't beat the price. Wrought Iron will last a life time if cared for.

  6. You did a great job! The gray does look a little like you aren't done though. Like, you primed them and stopped? Maybe the pics don't show the true color. I just wish I could score a set like that for your price!

  7. Oh my gosh what a difference and your hubby is lucky to have such a hard working thrifty wife! I am amazed at what you accomplish having just had a little one. You rock!

  8. Gorgeous! I looooove the color; I have toyed with a fun color too, but the gray looks so classy and cool. And I love the "smoking deal"!! There's no feeling quite like the satisfaction from refinishing "junk" and "crap" and making it beautiful. :)

    I was going to ask you how you put the table back together if you had to saw through the screws, but I showed the photos to my husband and he explained it to me. ;) And he said it looks great!


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