Skirts for Purchase

10:30 PM

A few people have commented on wanting a shirred pocket skirt, but not wanting to sew them.
So I made a few available for purchase if you're interested.

I don't sell items often, so I'm only on the bare minimum plan with big cartel, so each listing is only one photo, so here's more detailed shots if you're interested!
If you're not interested in purchasing, you can sew your own using this tutorial, and here are a few more variations below.  I made one out of linen and it hangs really well and would be cool for the summer...I'll have to sew with linen more than I have in the past!


For those that have sewn their own skirts, remember we have a Running With Scissors Flickr Group!

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  1. Those are all just beautiful. I'm not quite sure enough of what I'm doing to make my own yet, but soon. SOON!


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