Bench from Scraps

1:45 AM

The previous owners of our home left a bunch of junk on one side of our house.  I've actually been using quite a bit.  But this bench actually started as the supports for a lattice box that surrounded our patio.
We took it all down when we moved in, except for the posts to hold our shade sails.
So we threw all these weathered 2x3's on the RV pad and they sat in the rain and snow for the last year.

But they were pretty straight, so I decided they'd work well to make a simple bench for our new rock patio.

I did sand them down and stained the wood so it wasn't the ugly gray.  I used Minwax's ebony stain because I already had it, and I had quite a bit I need to use.  The stain is pretty much black.

Using reclaimed weathered wood is good in some ways.  It saves wood from being trashed or burned, and you end up with interesting character from its past life. 

I couldn't get these nails out of the 2x4 junk pieces, so they add some character to the legs. 

But in other ways, it is a huge pain building with weathered wood, because most of it is warped and twisted.  It was a challenge to get the planks spaced evenly, and you can see they're not all flush with the base. Oh well.

As far as building, I built the base mainly with my Kreg Jig.  It's 2x4 legs with 2x3 apron, planks and supports.
Then I sanded and stained the base, then each plank separately.  I coated each piece with 2 coats of outdoor polyurethane. Once all the planks were dry, I screwed them to the bench base from underneath with the Kreg pocket holes.

Using everything I already had, this bench didn't cost me anything!
Bring on the marshmallow roasting!

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  1. Wow! This is really gorgeous, found myself wishing I had some random wood in my garden, like I don't have enough projects already ;) I love the stain and like that it's not 'perfect'. It would look lovely with some comfy cushions on it too!! :)

  2. I LOVE this bench! It's gorgeous! Well done!

  3. Your bench looks lovely.
    I'd never heard of a Kregs jig so Google'd it.
    Can I ask which model do you have and would you recommend it?
    Many Thanks Val

  4. very cute! I am to afraid to use tools, and I'm sure that I wouldn't build it right. ekk

  5. I have the Kreg Jig K4 Pocket HOle System.
    I love it. It saves so much time to build, the pieces are build much more square and solid, and end up looking a lot better. I'm a beginner, and it has helped so much

  6. That bench looks great. And I think it looks better not being straight and all perfect looking. People pay good money for stuff like that :) You did a great job!

  7. Gorgeous piece! It would be perfect for my kitchen table. Wish I had your mad skills!

  8. I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say, your projects are inspiring. :) The bench looks more comfy since it's not flush and straight. Awesome!

  9. TREAT JOB!!Don't you just love that we know that something we take apart can have a new life....

  10. Really great work Jessica. I've been wanting to use up my odds and ends as well to make some sort of bench, and your post is inspiring-pushing me to get going.

  11. Pretty awesome and resourceful! I love how you are able to make it seem like anyone could do such a project. :)

  12. That is soooo COOL!!!!! And I love that color!!

  13. cute bench. Glad I found your blog. you have really inspired me.

  14. I just hopped over from Roadkill Rescue. I love the bench!!


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