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3:29 PM

Thank you for all the support of my new maxi dress pattern these last few days.  I appreciate it so much and hope to see some of the new dresses in the flickr group hopefully!  I can't wait to see the new variations and creative uses of fabric and sheets.  

on a side note....
I've realized summer is winding down and I have been sewing so much this summer.  I am taking this week to dedicate to all the patio projects I've been planning the last year. But summer's almost gone and I need to hurry, and my husband's got a light work load this week to help me with the kids in the evenings, and I spontaneously decided to host an ice cream party yesterday at the play group...and we need things to sit on while we eat ice cream Thursday night.  

So far I did get all the wood necessary for all the different projects:
Scrap bench
Corner bench
Console table
Side table
cushions for our patio dining set
outdoor chandelier
My goal is to get everything done in time for ice cream, except the chaise, that will have to wait.  And I did mention for them to bring a camping chair...backup in case my goal doesn't work out.

I'm excited to get building and have a sewing break this week.
First patio project should be up tomorrow because the wood was actually cut 2 months ago and I just haveto screw it together!

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  1. have fun with your patio project ! don't forget to have an ice cream break !

  2. you are crazy! I would never get all those projects done in time by Thurs. I guess if you just have to screw it together but I still always always manage to mess things up and it takes me twice as long. Good luck getting things done!

  3. Wow! You're pretty ambitious! Good luck on the projects. This Friday I'm making a maxi dress I found on another site then I hope to move on to your dress the following weekend or the week after next. Kind of late in the season but I don't care! I love it!

    Thanks for the pattern!

  4. Nothing like a little playdate motivation! That's how I make sure my house gets a decent cleaning at least once a week!

  5. Nice job Jessica! I love the bench! It looks very professional!


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