Summer Pajama Shorts

11:43 AM

Monday I took my visiting nieces to the mall.  We were looking in American Eagle and saw cute boxer shorts.  They had lace on the hem and I told the girls if they liked them, we could make them a lot cheaper then buying.

So we went home and they ended up picking this Justice League superhero print.  So I thought lace would be too girly, and remembered the retro short tutorial from Dana at made the curving, bias-taped, side seams and thought that would work better for the superheroes.  The only solid red I had was an animal print, so we made the bias tape have a little kick too.

The girls made their own shorts with help.  I used their pajamas as a pattern to cut out the fabric, and I did sew the bias tape on the hems.  But the rest they sewed themselves.

They loved the 80s running short look. 

They'll get plenty of use out of them since they've been having a lazy summer vacation at our house sleeping in until noon....lucky suckers.

Hope everyone's last weeks of summer are full of fun!

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  1. Those are great! And they are lucky girls to have such a fun, cool and crafty aunt! Can I come stay at your house?

  2. I have been scoping out fabric to make my own pajama shorts. I DON'T KNOW WHY I didn't think of the retro binding! My FAVORITE shorts have it! Thank you for helping me see the obvious!

  3. my girls would love these. Both sew! Such a fun project.


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