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2:35 AM

I've been sewing a butt-load of dresses to sell the full pattern with extra variations for the yellow maxi dress from a vintage sheet.

  Making patterns are a lot of work, especially women's clothing having to take into consideration regular sizes, then adjustments for the bust, and then height.
But things are coming together and I hope to have it available this week!!
Here are a few shots from our little photoshoot:
Erin from Sutton Grace has awesome animated gifs and from hers I felt inspired to give them a whirl. (mine are lame compared to hers)

My nieces. 
These girls are sweet and know which is which.

I had to change dresses and was too lazy to go back to the car, and pulled a Mr. Bean and put the new dress on top and changed in plain sight.

I hope this doesn't deter anyone that wanted to buy the pattern.

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  1. I love reading your posts - you're too funny. Tone (love the dresses too)

  2. Yes, this might be my favorite post from you! You are so elegantly beautiful and yet you are not afraid to be silly. I love that. AND a mr. bean reference! Please keep sharing your life.

  3. I am so excited for this pattern to come out! I have the perfect sheet in mind!

  4. It actually makes me want to buy it more. :)

  5. you are awesome! you always make me laugh. your GIFs are great! i'm totally curious where these were pictures taken. it's kind of random... huge pillars in a field?

  6. That maxi dress is gorgeous! It suits you perfectly. And well done on the quick change :)


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