FINALS: Weekend At Granny's

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Well first off, can you believe I am still around for the final week at Project Run and Play?
I have to say I'm pretty surprised I made it this far.  Of course you always hope, but to get to sew for this week was really exciting for me.  Stressful too, as I didn't do as much preparation for  final look, as I wasn't sure I'd ever need it.  So thank you for all the support throughout the competition, and those votes that helped me get here!  
Voting open through Sunday night to determine the winner of Season 3 of PRandP and the amazing $500+ prize package!!
Signature Look:
Weekend At Granny's

This last challenge is "Signature Look", or whatever you want that represents you.
This was the hardest one for me, I think it's easier to have some kind of focus or assignment, but fun to make whatever you want.
I decided to sew for both my kids, as they both are my inspiration and motivation to sew.
I also knew I'd be sewing some historical or vintage inspired look.
But from there, it was kind of a process to narrow down and figure out what details to design/ sew.  I made lists of all my favorite fabrics, color schemes, garments, and influences and ended up finding a mesh of a few of these favorites.

This week's look is: vintage inspired, military influenced, has tweed and upcycled knits, coats, pleats, welt pockets, and some asymmetry all in comfortable, washable, easy to wear separates.

I liked the texture of the different fabrics, stripes, plaid, and colors in these looks.  I think it has a lot of interesting elements that's obviously got vintage roots, but created in a more modern look.

So the rundown of everything I made this week:
 Convoy Coat, Sergeant Tee, and Olive Plaid Pocket Trousers
Tweed Peplum Jacket and flat-front circle skirt, double breasted tee shirt with mustard buttons, mustard leggings and baby TOMS gray/ mustard shoes

I'll start with Ellaria this week.

Her jacket has a simple shape, but a few details that make it stand out.
First of all, I chose to use a burgundy tweed.  Typically you don't see tweed on kids, but it gave the look a vintage 1940s feel to me.  I've read a few places how peplums are trendy for 2012 and figured I'd hop on the trend early and designed the coat with the waist seam and peplum that's intentionally not too ruffly. 
The coat is lined in gray polka dot flannel.

To make the look a little more feminine, I thought of having some kind of trim at the sleeve and neckline.  I'm not the biggest fan of ruffles, so the box-pleats that fan out mimic the shape of a ruffle, but have a more structured, crisp look.  I love a pleat!

You can see how they bend out and back along the shape of the neckline.

I love a standing collar, and so the pleats decrease in size as the shape of the coat front curves to make room for the chin.  The coat closes with two large buttons, with a double breasted overlap.

Next I have to talk about the shoes!
I actually considered buying some for this look, but ended up not liking the kid size TOMS.  They've got a big velcro tab, and I prefer the adult version with a slip on, wrapped look.
I love these things so much I'm going to have a whole post just on the shoes later. 

But my favorite part is the heel patch, which I free motion sewed her name on. 
The darted square toe makes these fit really well, giving the shoe height for some thick, short chubby baby feet that just won't fit in regular shoes we've bought.

Under her coat, she's wearing a tee shirt that's upcycled from my mom's shirt, and mustard leggings I made from a maternity shirt.

It's a double breasted style tee shirt with three mustard buttons and white piping.

On to RJ's look.
He also had a tee-shirt upcycled from my mom's original.
It's a turtleneck, but something I'd never seen before with the open neck that starts off to the shoulder.

It reminded me of a military neckline, so I thought the navy epaulets were a fun details to give it a masculine edge.

There's also the kangaroo pouch pocket on the belly to keep it kid friendly.

Now on to the trousers.
I went with plaid.  I had a dark olive and tan plaid that I thought could work as pants without being tacky.
Although it does look weird with his shirt still tucked in.

There's an elastic waist with belt loops, and I had to have some welt pockets somewhere, and they ended up on his bum.  I added the contrasting pocket top and flaps.

The big feature on these pants are these big patch pockets.
A "patch pocket" is where you just sew the fabric on top of the pants, creating the pocket all on the outside.  These took extra time because I had to make sure to cut them so the plaid lines on the pocket would match up with the plaid on the pants once they were sewn on, and that they'd be in the same places for the right and left sides.
Pattern matching is a pain, but in the end makes it look a lot more professional.
You can see these pockets are big, and wrap around the side of the pant, and can hold a lot!

Now for the Convoy Coat!

I designed this coat from two different British classics.
The Norfolk Jacket and the  Duffle Coat.
Norfolk Jackets were used for shooting dress.  The cut was looser to raise your elbow to shoot. I liked the box pleat, self made belt, and huge patch pocket details, but felt the lapels were way too dressy for a kid coat.
The Duffle coat originated in the Royal Navy during WWI, then more commonly in WWII.  It had toggles so they could unbuckle the coats while wearing big gloves, and the hoods were large enough to go over flat topped navy hats.  They were also knee length.  I liked the idea of having a hood, the overall sack shape of the coat, and the few simple closures.
norfolk2.jpgduffle coat j.crew
{source}                              {source}

So I kept the shape, length, dropped shoulders, hood and closure of the duffel, but maintained the box pleat, yoke, self made belt of the Norfolk.  The back also has the double box pleats that act as belt loops.
This coat is lined with fleece, and it's really warm.  RJ was trying it on for a fitting and said: "Get me out of this!  I'm too hot!"  So I think it would be a great coat to dress up or down in the winter when they're not sledding or something directly in snow and they'd stay really warm.

My own design not derived from the inspiration coats were the closures.  I decided to make kid-friendly denim belts to close the coat.  The belts loop through D rings on the opposite side of the coat, folding back on themselves, and securing with velcro.  Easy on and easy off.
The waist has the belt that has a larger D ring, but the same concept.

Thanks for checking out my looks!  The wool tweed coats seemed like they would be great for a train ride, and where else do little kids go except to visit Granny!

Here's a funny blooper when RJ was complaining his head itched.  
Oddly enough the baby that can't stand on her own or walk was the easier model to work with during this round!

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  1. Crikey yes! I can believe you are still in!!!

    I love both those jackets, the colours and the neckline on the turtleneck. Lovely design - classic but without just mimicking the current trends. I haven't yet checked out the other but they will have to be off the show to beat yours :-)
    p.s. For cripes sake, please post that boy duffel coat as a tutorial :-)

  2. The effort and details you put into your work astound me and I really hope you win!

  3. Totally love it! Digging those wee shoes...I really hope you win!!!!

  4. Really beautiful work! Your attention to detail is great, and the kids look adorable. Good luck!

  5. I haven't been reading blogs much lately, so haven't seen all your other projects. These are adorable outfits. Adorable!!!! Best wishes!!

  6. Lovely Jess! You never cease to amaze me! :)

  7. Love it all but especially the duffle coat. Really hope you win.

  8. I voted for you! Your looks are my favorite!

  9. Both outfits look wonderful! Really love the duffle coat!!!

  10. Wow! So many amazing details. I can't imagine how much time you spent on these -- it really shows in the details. I've been SUPER impressed with your looks for this competition. Way to go!!!

  11. i just love these looks. those jackets are amazing, especially in pint-size!

  12. WOW! WOW ! WOW!

    Dumbfounded and speechless !! I'll try and comment later when I've recovered a little ! WOOOOW!

  13. Sooo amazing! You are so talented and original--I hope you win!

  14. Those tiny toms are so awesome!! the whole look is great, very old fashioned! I love it, good work and good luck!

  15. Homemade baby TOMS! *swoon*

  16. Wow! Amazing job again. I really love your looks and am so impressed by the shear volume of everything thing you made! LOTS of sewing!!!

  17. Holy cow! What a lot of hard work and sewing. I mean you literally sewed EVERYTHING. You are gloriously insane and I totally want to be you!

    I can't decide what is my favorite, but I am pretty sure the baby TOMS are going to be up there. I can't wait for the how-to.

    Now off to vote!

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  18. Seriously Jessica. This is amazing. You really took it over the top and did a great job. The colors are great and your attention to detail is fantastic. You are a great seamstress! I am curious to know if you used any patterns or if you just made the patterns yourself. Either way. I am very impressed. I voted for you!

  19. I am so impressed with all the attention to detail! You are so talented!

  20. I love RJ's shirt! I wanna make one right now for my son!

  21. Too cute! Sewing for children is so difficult with all those tiny seams, but you make it look effortless.

    You're little girl is too cute! My little guy is the same way, he's 10 months with fat little feet and he won't walk alone.

  22. All of your inspiration elements are things that I particularly love too, so not only are your looks super well done, but speak...scream to me. Lol!! I'm just blown away again by your garments. Military. Asymmetrical. TWEED. Mustard. Le sigh. You are awesome.

  23. Congratulations! Your outfits are the best, whithout a doubt.I was just wondering, are you going to sell the pattern of your boys sleeve shirt? I would love to do some for my boys. Again, congratulations!

  24. Just voted for you! I am in awe of your ability. And OMG I love the coats you have made. I have been sewing for a year or so but have yet to make any clothes for my little ones, but I am excited to start (I have lots of patterns/fabric all ready) just have to find the time and confidence to dive in. I hope you win! Amazing!

  25. Fantastic. I love it all. I want to make my own TOMS... is there a tutorial / pattern somewhere?

  26. I cannot wait for the TOMS tutorial! I want them sooo bad!

  27. You are amazing! I am constantly in awe of your abilities.
    Good Luck!

  28. I am seriously impressed by your stamina after so many weeks of sewing. You are amazing, and these looks are adorable!! Good luck!

  29. Love love LOVE your style. I just posted the vote to my fb.

  30. I am blown away by your outfits! :) Seriously, the details are awesome. Lovely pictures too!

  31. WOW! LOVE THIS! Not only is everything beautifully sewn but I love the styles and colours you picked too! So awesome to be inspired by someone who likes the same things as me!!

  32. You've truly outdone yourself. Amazing, friend!! And I think your kids' faces are about the cutest things ever!! I love it all, but Ella's coat and skirt might be my favorite!

  33. I cannot believe everything you have created for this week's challenge. It is all amazing and I love your style. That duffel coat is adorable, and so are the pants. I have loved following 'Project Run and Play' and I have been so impressed with everything you've created, I just don't know how you've managed it all but really well done and good luck with the results.

  34. You have my vote for sure. Your little girls outfit is perfection. The perfect blend of color, pattern and texture and the shoes are AMAZING!

  35. I am totally blown away by your talent!! And those two little ones of yours are absolutely precious. I just want to reach through my computer and give them both a big hug. Good Luck!

  36. You are awesome! My favorite part about your designs it that they're comfortable for kids. Some kids stuff just looks SO uncomfortable to wear. You manage to pull off awesome things while still making them wearable on a daily basis.

    Also, Elle's Toms are AMAZING.

  37. The closure idea for the boys' coat is just genius! I also love the neckline on his shirt. Any possibility of a tutorial on how to draft that neckline? Ways to make boys clothes more unique are much more difficult to find that ideas for girls, don't you think? Beautiful, classic style. Congratulations on 2nd place!

  38. Congratulations on 2nd place, wish I had come across this sooner, so I could have voted for you! I just love both the outfits and am particularly fond of tweed, especially burgundy! I remember my Mom making one of my older sibling's coats down for me out of wool, and it was the warmest thing I remember ever wearing. I really love your work and am glad I found this site!

  39. Your stuff is seriously amazing, to think you made all this in one week astounds me! Please Please Please do a tutorial on those sweet baby Toms, My daughter suffered from Fat Feet Syndrome and I'm sure that our soon-to-be son will too!

  40. I just wanted to let you know that I think you did an amazing and fabulous job throughout the whole competition. Truly amazing and very inspiring! It was a joy to watch what you ladies made each week and to be a part of it. I can't wait to see what you are going to make next. Hugs!

  41. Cool! I think models are prettier than the duffle coats!! I like the stitch and the designs of the pleat. The fabric of it is also looking very comfortable. Thanks for inform about a nice collection.
    duffle coats

  42. wow! do you sell any of these? I have a little girl and I want her to have a jacket just like the one on this post - by the way I gave you a shout out on my blog! Hope thats ok. I originally found your stuff on pinterest!


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