Project Run and Play in review

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We've been out of town, and I just wanted to say thank you to all who supported me and Project Run and Play these last two months.

I appreciate so much all the kind comments, emails, phone calls, and support from so many people throughout the competition.  

I'm so grateful to have been a part of this last season and the girls in charge have organized some great prizes!
All this for 2nd place!

There were so many people who helped me during the last few months.

First off my husband and kids.  I did my best to sew ahead and make sure it didn't cut into our regular family life, but there were sacrifices on the home front with cereal for dinner a few times, laundry getting behind, etc.  My husband was also a trooper taking the kids for a whole Saturday so I could work on the McCoy suit, in addition to listening to all my ideas, failures, worries, throughout the last three months.

Next, my mom and little sister are probably stoked it's all over so they don't get my emails of the progress of each item of clothing to see what they think, all my calls to report a major set back, bounce off ideas, or complain about the drama behind the scenes, etc.  My mom and  Lynette were definitely my support team on the sewing front!

Then my kids having to model most of the looks.  The Squadron Bomber Jacket was probably the worst to get photos for, as it was freezing.  My son was standing on this rock and with the wind and cold, his eyes were just watering.  Luckily he's a boy and didn't seem to care and just wanted to roll down the hill.

My little neighbors modeled the Junebug pattern remix and the Retro Week.
I  made sure to give them a prize for helping, they did such a great job on the girls looks that I knew my baby couldn't pull off.

Then my little Ellie belly girl.
Not her favorite thing to have to stand, smile and look at the camera.  But she was a good sport most of the time!

I've been surprised at how my sewing skills were really pushed to new boundaries.
When the Real McCoy suit was finished I was so proud and it was definitely one of those times I looked at it and still couldn't believe I was the one who made it!  Drafting that thing was an accomplishment in and of itself.  I had  bought a Vogue mens suit pattern at the thrift store and studied how the pieces worked together, along with looking at my husband's suits, then just did my best to make the required shapes and cuts for a 4 year old using my son's measurements.
 I was thrilled when it turned out so well.  Especially the proportions of the lapels and the sewing on them.  I turned the jacket right side out and the lapels were perfect.  I screamed I was so excited.

 I was also proud looking back how much boy clothing I was able to work into the competition.  I always prefer a creative boy look to just another girl's dress.  I sewed for both, having girl's dresses in there too, but realized half of what I made in the end were for boys.  I am really proud of this as most people don't go boy for obvious reasons--it's limited and harder to find a new creative spin, lots of garments are more difficult to sew, like trousers or button up shirts, etc.  So I was glad I was able to stay true to my passion for boys fashion, for at least half of the time!

Looking back I've sewn a butt load of kids clothes!

Challenging myself in this competition showed me a lot about sewing and pushing myself, and I'm proud of everything I made.  But more than all of the sewing stuff, it was a chance to really see and be grateful for all the people in my life who sacrificed, supported, encouraged, and helped me pursue this little fulfilling hobby of mine.
Then all the people I don't personally know who wrote, commented, or just got excited about what I was making and then liked it enough to click over and vote for it.

Thanks to everyone who's been behind me.  I guess I don't do that much outside raising my kids at home, so in a small way putting myself out there and seeing the support I received for a little blog competition really made an impact on me.  I'm so grateful for all of you and seeing/ feeling the love from my  family, friends, and  readers has definitely been the best part of the whole thing.  I guess it's the real part, in a few years these clothes will be lame and out of style (if they were even in style for this) and in a box in my garage.
Thank you so much!

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  1. Well done, Jessica. You are a true inspiration. Congratulations on your success in the competition!

  2. congratulations on 2nd place! You did such a wonderful job, and I've loved seeing how much you stretched your sewing skills for this competition. You've tried stuff that I can't imagine doing. Go you!

  3. Congratulations Jessica! I have really enjoyed following your blog for ages and voted for you every week in project run & play - in fact, I was so inspired by you that I entered the signature competition myself - and now I am in the final five!!!! Thanks!!!!

  4. K - I'm not sure you know this, but your son is a stud!

    And congrats on 2nd place!!


  5. I am dying to see a tutorial on the little shoes!!! I make my little girl's shoes, so my interest is piqued!

  6. I just found your blog and as someone who sews let me say BRAVO! You are very talented in design and also the execution. Such cute outfits that are so age appropriate and very wearable. GOOD JOB!

  7. COngrats on doing so well! Such an accomplishment, and you can definitely be proud of that ginormous pile of kids clothes you sewed! Enjoy those prizes too!

  8. I've been a long time follower, and just had to pop in to say that I, too, think you have sewn amazing things for this competition. I can't get over all the zippers and pockets and jackets and button-ups... truly amazing and inspiring. Great work.

  9. Congratulations!! I was so happy to get to know you through this crazy competition. Your sewing was so impressive and you really grew and came on strong at the end. Great stuff!

  10. wow - I'm truly so impressed with you during this competition, and I also voted for your in loving Memory Quilt - way to go!!!!

  11. Phenomenal Job. Congratulations!

  12. Congrats! You made SO much stuff and everything turned out AWESOME!!!

  13. You did an amazing job and were so creative in what you made and your sewing skills are so impressive. Congratulations on a well deserved win!

  14. I am so thrilled for you! You are my sewing inspiration. Well done, my friend.

  15. Congratulations you really deserved to win such a great prize.

  16. Have I missed the diy Toms tutorial? I am so excited about that :)

    Thanks!!!! Love your blog. It's an inspiration.

  17. Hey Jessica! I know this is old news, but I was thinking today about all the awesome boy clothes you did last season and I just had to look them up. Super impressive stuff! That suit KILLS me. And the oxford gent... and the bomber... and the signature stuff :)


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