SYTYC Week 4: Pea Coat

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This week the challenge is "For You".
I chose to finally get the guts to make myself a classic, black, pea coat using wool I've been saving for years.

I have orangutan arms.  I've mentioned this before.
Remember this sad photo of me in my tween years where my arms literally are pretty much down to my knees?

Well some proportions improved and evened out, but unfortunately my arms are too long and sleeves are always too short.  Not just a tad, embarrassingly Frankenstein too short.  Having orangutan arms really motivates me to sew for myself.
Fall 2010: yellow coat, red hooded jacket, Equestrian blazer
Fall 2011: corduroy blazer, Larkrise blazer, Moscow coat

I've been wearing a generic black pea coat.  My little sister even took out the sleeves as much as she could to help the arm situation.  They're still way too short.
So here's my old coat.

Sad.  That awful length that isn't long enough, but not short enough to be a cropped/ three-quarter sleeve.
The Frankenstein sleeve zone.
But now, the sleeves are long enough in my new pea coat!!

I have to admit, sewing my coat myself I'm always tempted to make the sleeves way too long, just because I can.  I tried to get these the correct length, keeping it above my wrist.

But the black wool.  Wool is expensive.  Even buying mine with a 50% off coupon it was over $10/ yard.  So I was always weary to cut into this fabric, thus it's sat on my shelf for 3 years.
So with the challenge to make something for myself, and having a little more confidence having been practicing jackets, blazers and coats the last two years, I got up the courage to give it a try.
I used McCalls 5525 as a base and altered it from there.

I decided to switch up the collar from the usual lapels of a double breasted pea coat.
The rounded collar may not be for everyone, but I thought it was unique and feminine.  A subtle detail that makes this coat a little different.
You can also see the leather braided buttons.  I love these things.  Whenever they have buttons 50% off, I usually buy a handful of leather buttons.  I've had these 1" black ones for a while, and was glad I finally had the perfect project for them.

The back of the coat has a center seam, and the princess seams to help give it a more feminine shape. 

Now lets talk about the inside of the coat.
I lined the coat in anti-pill blue fleece.  
I actually made a size larger than I usually do, knowing the fleece lining would make it really thick.  But this thing is warm!  With a full layer of both the wool and fleece, this thing keeps me as warm as a snow parka, but still in a nicer style to dress up, or most times I'm just in jeans and a t-shirt running errands.  

wearing my Artichoke Dress, Target tights and Guess oxfords (clearance at

Just like my usual timing, I'm making this awesome, warm, extra long sleeved coat right when I won't need it, just like fall 2010 when I was pregnant and made those 3 jackets that couldn't even fit around my belly.
But at least it finally got sewn and will be waiting for me next winter!

It's sad, but the photo below is the best full body shot, ignore the weird face.  
I cut off my head, but it just looked even worse-- if possible.  
My husband hates taking posed pictures of me wearing my projects almost as much as I hate modeling for them, so what you see is what you get!

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  1. Great Job! The coat is gorgeous!

  2. love the coat - and the photos - you are photogenic - you'd pull any funny face off!!!!

  3. great job - I love the collar the most, it's perfect!

  4. That coat is fantastic! I love the collar!

  5. Great coat, hilarious photos - I'm off to vote for you :)

  6. I love the way you did the collar! So much more feminine than the other way. It looks great, and I love the blue on the inside too! :)

  7. Very cute. I have orangutan arms myself, and I love so many things about your tween photo.

  8. I love that someone else has super long arms too. I totally commiserate with you. In Jr. High it was the school rule that your shorts had to be to your fingertips, which I thought was a little crazy, because on some people that barely covered anything and on me that meant my shorts were nearly down to my knees. For the record, I didn't want to wear short shorts--it just didn't make sense!

    Oh, and you know how you are supposed to be the same height as your wingspan? I'm about 4 inches longer on my arms. :) I need to start making my own coats!

  9. Fab fab fabUlous! Love the coats-- love the tights-- you rock!

  10. dude. you made a whole coat. i'm going to drive over and break some fingers so the rest of us can have a fighting chance. it's amazing. (and i LOVED the pictures!lol

  11. Oh my goodness you are adorable! I love the coat! Beautiful job as always.

  12. Just found your blog. Your sewing is sooooo amazing!! You have such an awesome talent. =0)

  13. So pretty- especially the rounded collar!


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