SYTYC Week 5: Chevron Twirl Dress

8:00 AM

The theme this week was to use the six colors of the rainbow.  This was a challenge for me.
The first time I read the list of the competition, this was the week I knew would push my creativity the most.  Thinking of something with all those colors together wasn't something I'd really ever gravitate to naturally, so it really forced me to get a lot of different ideas for something I was excited about, and I ended up making a little girl's dress.

A simple dress with a dropped waist, chevron bodice, circle skirt, cap sleeves all pieced together with the colors of the rainbow.

 Starting from the top, the bodice is a chevron design, pieced together from 1.5" wide strips.  They meet at the center front and back seams, along with the side seams so as you twirl, the body is a zig-zag pattern.  This was actually really fun to sew.

To get in and out there's a back zip, which is again where the chevron pattern meets together.
I tried to chose more muted colors, going with cranberry rather than cherry red and mustard rather than banana yellow, etc and also using gray rather than white for my neutral.  But in the end, all these colors together are still pretty vibrant!

The model is my little neighbor, she's three.

The little cap sleeves don't have any seams at the shoulder, as I thought it would interrupt the chevron pattern.   I just gathered a little along the outer edge and finished with the gray binding. 

 The circle skirt has all the layers of each color.
I made my own bias tape in each color, and varied the thickness as it worked its way up the skirt.
Each color gets thinner and closer together.

This little dress was really fun to sew.  The overall silhouette is really simple--basic bodice, cap sleeve and circle skirt, allowing all the colors to really take center stage.
A few friends that have seen this dress thought with the green socks and ribbons, this could be a perfect St. Patrick's Day dress, just get a pot of gold for the sweet spot at the end of the rainbow. 

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  1. This is AMAZING. Great job, as always!!

  2. You've done a great job matching all those stripes. And what an adorable model you have.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This dress reminds me of Rainbow Bright cartoons from when I was a kid. Very cute!!

  5. I love the dress. How pretty. Makes me want to use those colors to create something too!:)

  6. i've decided we can no longer be friends. love this dress!!!

  7. i just love this! you get my vote!

  8. totally voted for you! beautiful dress

  9. Jess, that is seriously one of the cutest dresses I've ever seen - and you MADE it! So impressed! I'd totally buy one from you if you were selling them. Congrats on the win last week too. You never cease to amaze me!

  10. Fantastic! This dress would go fabulously with the jacket I made last week for my daughter!
    I am going over to vote!
    Great job!

  11. this is precious! a little skinny sparkling silver belt might be adorable with it too... great job!

  12. yay, so cute! i love this little rainbow dress!!

  13. Oh my, what a great idea! This is simply adorable!

  14. Thanks to introduce this colorful dress. Can you give clear information to how to make the dress(Graphically or images).

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  15. this dress is so cheerful and fun. love it!!


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