Capri Skirts

11:54 PM

Tonight (May 15) is the sewing class Lynette and I are teaching at the Provo Library.
Some readers asked since they can't be there if we could record it.  
We'll see what we can do about maybe recording a practice run for the blogs, as we thought it would be too stressful to try to worry about taping the actual class.  
So hopefully we can get the info, or at least some of it to everyone.
We are having some raffle/ giveaways at the end, and so I sewed a cute little summer bottom for the occasion.
I made knit capri leggings and a floral circle skirt and sewed them together with green elastic to make capri skirts!

Each skirt was only 1/4 yard of fabric, so it makes it an easy quick project for your scraps!
I used the baby jeggings pattern for the capris and just cut the legs 4-5" shorter for the capri length.

 The skirt is quite short, so it's nice to have the pants attached.
Lynette said it kind of looked like a light tutu or ballet skirt on the leggings.  
The bouncy baby skirt looked cute over the chubby legs.

It's nice to have a baby/ toddler skirt that doesn't need a diaper cover or that can ride up on the big belly too.

So the orange one is for Ellie as she wore it all day,
  but the blue capri skirt is going to be given away at the library sewing class! 
Hope our class has valuable info and we don't sound like morons tonight!

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  1. so cute! wish i could go to the class - good luck!

  2. I just found your blog today and love it! I noticed your elastic waistband on this skirt/leggings. How did you do it? I've been working on skirts made from ruffle fabric with the exposed elastic waistband and my machine is hating it! My stitches keep hopping and skipping (and not in a good way!). Any tips? I only have a sewing machine, and have been using a twin needle to try to get that 'store bought' look.
    Good luck tonight!

  3. very cute skirts with capris! great idea! hope the class goes well.

  4. that is so, so adorable. I wish I could go! I'm sure it will be awesome. I hope you're going to do a tutorial for this someday! pretty please?

  5. I went to the class tonight. You didn't sound like morons at all! It was great and it gave me some great ideas. I can't wait to try making my own patterns! In fact, I'll probably attempt a little dress or something this weekend. Thanks--it really was great! :)

    PS--I didn't even know it was you teaching the class until you held up that green jacket from project run and play! :)

  6. Hi Jess:

    My comment isn't directly related to (this post) but rather one you posted recently regarding wanting your own clothes labels. I came across a tutorial today for just that and thought you might enjoy! Link is not to my blog or anyone I know, just a cute tutorial I stumbled across, I hope it helps you!


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