White Music Class Blouse: Oliver + S

11:47 PM

Here's my second blouse I made for Ellie for spring/ summer.
My first one was the purple plaid,
and this one I used a white textured sheet and chose to have the regular collar.

 These little blouses are pretty basic and I think the white one will get a lot of use wearing it with pants, shorts, or skirts, or even under dresses.

I chose to upcycle a sheet mainly for the texture it had.
Kind of adds a little subtle interest to a basic white blouse.

One thing I've really liked about this pattern is the length of the blouse is great for toddling kids.
Lots of blouses usually come untucked so easily and seem too short.  But this stayed put! 

One more top to add to the mix.
shown with the purple finch shorts.

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  1. That was a sheet? How awesome are you! Super cute. Are you going to make anything with that fabric for you? It is so cute!

  2. So sweet and classic! Love the texture from the sheet - great choice.

  3. My favorite little girl top pattern! I love it! The fabric makes a wonderful shirt. I love anyhting Oliver + S. :)

  4. she looks so cute! love the blouse and the shorts!. Awesome job

  5. What an awesome sheet! I love that little stripe, so cool.

  6. I love the fabric too, it makes it so much more interesting! I love the entire little outfit!


  7. The peter pan collar and Ellie are just so adorable!

  8. Preciosas la bebé y la blusa!!!!
    La podrá usar con casi todo...me encanta

  9. Do you offer sewing classes? I am a business student at BYU and am very interested in your work!
    Kylie Brown


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