Silky Summer Jammies: Vintage Romper Pattern

5:00 AM

I’ve had a scrap of flannel backed satin for almost two years. 
There was about 1/2 yard left over from Ellie’s baby blanket, and I’d planned to make her a silky nightgown.
But I found this vintage romper pattern and decided that would be easier for her to walk in than a longer nightgown.
The pattern was printed in 1980 and is made for “knits only”, but it ended out working by putting the snaps on one shoulder, and also have the crotch velcro to make it easier for diaper changes.
I skipped the pocket and didn’t have the yoke contrasting fabric.
I had some scraps of this orange floral print and top stitched it across the front and back yoke seam, along with the leg hems.
The pattern used an elastic casing across the back, but I chose to sew two rows of shirring with elastic thread in my bobbin to cinch the waist slightly.
That may be my favorite aspect of the romper, the 80s scoop side seams on the shorts.
The sleeves are a slight dolman style, barely enough to even call it a sleeve.romper5
The sizing was weird on the pattern, so I was glad it ended up fitting pretty well.
Rompers or jumpsuits can be hard as the torso length can be off and ruin the whole proportion, but this turned out for well for tiny Ellie.
Ellie really loves silky fabric. 
The blue blanket is her favorite, and these summer jammies are silky on the outside and have the soft flannel backing on the inside.
Hopefully she likes them as we really have no idea what she thinks about what she wears!romper1

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  1. adorable! Side note: she is a blond Charlotte! they look a lot alike! Love the blue and orange together, too!

  2. Very cute-and Ellie is adorable in them! Good use of this fabric!!

    (And she seems pleased!)

  3. Very CUTE! I love the fabric combo.

  4. my favorite is her crouched down. She looks so tiny.

  5. Very cute! But I had never thought of 1980s patterns as "vintage". That makes me feel old. ;)

  6. Oh my goodness- ADORABLE! Both outfit and child:)

  7. So cute! I have this same pattern but for grown ups. I guess 80's qualifies for vintage now!

  8. Oh my gosh, she (and that amazing romper) is totally adorable!


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