clever charlotte finch top: dress variation

5:00 AM

I made this little dress months ago, but I’m finally getting to posting about it.
Photos modeled by Ellie taken by Kandice McDermott Photography.
I used the clever charlotte sewing pattern for the finch outfit.
You may remember my take on the finch shorts here.

This time I did my own variation for the finch top, and since Ellie is small for the sizes available in the pattern, I decided to make the tunic top into a jumper dress.
I used the 2T pattern and took 1/2” in from the armpit side seams on both the front and back when I cut it out.
The thinner torso tapered out to the original pattern, and I used the 4T length to make it long enough for a dress.
Other variations are in the details.
Because Ellie is only 18 months, I thought the large bow on the shoulder may overpower her. 
Plus she still has huge cheeks and virtually no neck, so there may not even be room on her body.
So instead of the hook closure, I used two buttonholes on the shoulder.
finchtop2I also added two rounded patch pockets to the front with button closures.

It’s a quick sew and really cute.
I styled it with a tee shirt underneath as a jumper, but the top is designed as a racer back top.

tomorrow I’ll share a quick tutorial on hemming a curve!

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  1. Oh my goodness...too adorable for words! It's perfect--she is perfect!

  2. It's so cute! I love the buttons you used. =)

  3. Love it! I love that her cheeks rival Charlotte's! Which is sayin' something. :D

  4. Yay, you posted this! I remember you mentioning it a while ago. ;) Ellie is adorable and I love the Finch as a dress.

  5. Jess: I am so glad you tried this out--I have been wanting to make the Finch Top a dress for some time. I really like the whole look--double vintage button closure, the pockets. Adorable!

  6. I love this little jumper!! And I love your baby girl! She is so precious and I love the pic of her little butt stuck up in the air. Have you made a jumper with both shoulders fasten? Been looking for a pattern like that. Thank you so much!!
    Have a great day!!


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