Link Costume: Legend of Zelda

11:43 AM

I was working on sewing a craft for girls camp when my son came in and noticed I was at my sewing machine again…it had been weeks and weeks since I’d sewn.
He’s been asking me to make him a Link hat for a while, and asked again when he saw I was sewing. 

So I took a minute to make him the hat.
He and my husband play the Zelda video games, and RJ pretends he’s Link, the main character all the time.
So he found some green fabric that he thought would work and we hacked out the hat.

But then he felt he really needed the “shirt with the slice in the front” and so we hacked that out.
I didn’t even hem the wrists, I was in a hurry and he didn’t seem to care.

So now with his cardboard shield we made earlier in the summer and a plastic sword our neighbor gave him from the dumpster, he’s ready to be Link.
Mainly he likes to jump off things,and asks me if I saw his hat go up. 
I guess his favorite part of the get up is the long hat tail and jumping so it flies up off his back like Link. 

He was pretty excited and wore it constantly until he took a bath and I threw it in the wash. 
It’s kind of annoying to get interrupted with a kid request project, but it’s worth it to me to see how much he gets excited watching it come to life and enjoying it, unlike other things I’ve sewn for him that he just won’t wear.


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  1. I think it's great that your son is requesting projects! He looks adorable, by the way!

  2. That.

    I just finished the Ocarina of Time on my (yes, MY) 3DS. Apparently I have now opened up a new, more difficult version. In fact, all four of the occupants of this house (ranging from 14-44) love the Zelda games. My teenagers would love that outfit. Excellent job. It is a good Mommy who stops what she is doing to make a child happy.

  3. That's great! I made my 4-year-old a Peter Pan outfit for last Halloween and he was mistaken for Link. All I thought to myself was that "well Link doesn't wear a feather in his cap!!!"

  4. it's official. You just made it to the top of my coolest blogger ever list. HA! just fantastic, and seeing your son's face is just priceless. Well done Mom!

  5. Boys will be Boys!! Your son is adorable! My son at 15 still loves link and wanted a Link costume to wear at last year's Comic Con! So it took me some time, but I did it. and I think he was just as excited as RJ!!!

    Pic of Link Costume:

  6. Nice! How cool to be able to make our kids costumes. That last shot is MONEY!

  7. Now that is an awesome idea! I need to make my 7 yr old a link hat. He loves to play Zelda with me. :D

  8. This is so cute! You did a fabulous job, as usual.
    Your son looks all grown up all of a sudden!!
    Glad you are back:)

  9. So "beast" as my boys would say. Lol i cant keep up with all the new "cool" slang words. I am so so excited you are back. I check your blog daily to see if there will be a new post. Most excited about the baby toms you made. Please please show me how you made them.

  10. Oh so cute! That little RJ boy looks like he has such a fun personality. ALL BOY!! :)

  11. I love this Jess. RJ Boy is the greatest kid alive.

  12. forget my dumb question about where your son was. I clicked on the right link and he is getting so grown up and still as handsome as ever. You have to be the mother, wife, decorator, seamstress of the year. You do so much and it is all done so well. thank you for sharing.


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