Tablecloth #3

6:00 AM

Heads up, kind of a lame post.
But I am really excited about what I have to share tomorrow! But I recently made another fitted tablecloth and this time it is a new version.
The first one from tablecloth vinyl lasted about a year. 
The wear and tear of little kids, or the fact I melted a big hole in it with a hot pan led it to end up in the trash. 

So after that I thought I’d try a more durable finish, with straight plastic vinyl and made just a clear tablecloth with invisible thread.

And now I made a fitted tablecloth from cotton quilting fabric.
I used the exact same tutorial as number 1, except I had to piece a border because quilting cotton is only 42” wide and the print was big enough I thought a border would look better than piecing a seam.
This took 2 yards down to the last scrap for a 48” square table, plus the solid border which was probably 1/2 yard.
So now the plan is to maybe have a few different fabric tablecloths, then just plop the clear plastic vinyl one on top so I can wipe it and not have to wash the fabric one as often. 
A little lame, but better looking than plastic on wood I think.
print was Riley Blake’s Domestic Diva:

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  1. placemats work great for little kids too, helps keep the tablecloths clean longer. Than pop the fabric ones in the wash. I have TONS of fabric one for that reason. Love them.

  2. Great idea! I need one for my dinning table.

  3. I grew up with a plastic vinyl table cloth. Mom would put other table cloths under, or make place mats to put under the clear plastic one. Like at Valentines day we had a bunch of hearts on the table covered by the plastic. Oh does this take me back.
    I love the idea. If only I had a square table instead of a round one...

  4. Your tablecloth looks great! And I wouldn't think twice about keeping it protected! I have "shabby" decor. Notice that I left out the "sheik." I think it used to be nice, but with four kids it doesn't last. :-\ And I will cover, protect and blockade anything that I've put time and effort into making look nice. :-) So go for it! Get the vinyl!

    Congratulations on your impending arrival!

    Hope you have a super day!


  5. I loved your first table so much that I made one out of outdoor fabric. It has been so great for messes, because it has some sort of scotch guard on it. Because we have a round table I had to change things up a little bit though I cut the outside line into bias strips so that it would curve easily and qI used cord elastic in the bias tape to keep it on.

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