Simple Blouse #2

10:44 AM

I made another simple blouse using the pattern from the original French Knot Blouse.
This time it was with a crinkle silky fabric…probably a polyester.
It’s a really simple pattern. 
No boob darts or anything, but I’ve really liked the french knot and would like to have a few more.
I wear these tucked in, especially with skirts, and loose hanging out with jeans.
Quick to sew and comfortable to wear.

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  1. Well done. Me gusta, parece una tela muy fresca.


  2. That color looks so good on you!!! This is one of my favorites from the O.U.T. series.

  3. This is such a simple top but the fabric really does wonders!

  4. Did you use a commercial pattern, or did you make your own?
    This top is very flattering. Great job!

  5. I used a button up shirt as a pattern, but skipped any darts. I should take a photo of it laid flat. It's pretty basic, a rectangle with slightly curved sides for the waist.

  6. That color really makes your eyes pop.

  7. Really beautiful shirt! I also love your hair! Pretty lady. :)

  8. Great shirt!! I love the color and you are so beautiful in that last picture.

  9. Cuuuute!
    I love your hair like that too:)
    Do you have the pattern for this one?


  10. so you made your own pattern. you rock!! when you say the sides curve.... like curve in then out towards the hips.... sorta hourglassy? i would love to see the pattern, or pic of the shirts all flat... i'm just surprised it looks so great without the shaping of darts, etc. i too am preggers and DESIRE to make some simple, comfortable, non muu muu clothes


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