Collar Project with Clever Charlotte

1:40 PM

Clever Charlotte is hosting a series on collars!
The challenge was to use their pattern for the Peridot peter pan collar and make your own version.
The pattern is designed for a detachable collar, which creates lots of options to use a single collar with lots of different clothes your kid already has.

My idea today completed my little pleather laser cut outfit, by adding a pleather collar to the sweater.
Pleather Collar Here
It's so easy!
No sewing!

Hop over and check out my collar and the other ideas!

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  1. I loved this outfit before the collar addition... now I love it even more. Completely adorable! I also love how you did the closure in the back of the collar. =)

  2. aw that's so cute! love that you've been using leather lately.


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