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I love saving money, which is my main motivator for sewing, so I wanted to switch things up from what I usually make and share a simple way to customize belts.
hoser3I love belts, and I’ve been wanting to have a few colorful ones in the mix, but not wanting to spend $10+ for a belt that isn’t going to be worn often.
It’s a simple accessory but can add a lot to an outfit and so today I’ll show you how I made a bright orange belt for my son.
For $1.50 this belt was easy, quick and simple to sew.
Supplies: thrifted belt, vinyl strip, snap pliers, needle & thread
I started off with a $0.50 ordinary belt from the thrift store. 
You can buy belt hardware in the notions of crafts stores, but a thrifted belt will always be cheaper.
Cut off the old belt to get your hardware.
Cut your vinyl strip the desired width of your belt doubled + 1/2”.
So our 1” wide finished belt was originally a vinyl strip 2.5” wide and the length of finished belt + 2” or more.
Fold the sides of the strip to the back, overlapping the layers by 1/4” so the finished belt is 1” wide. 
I chose to sew down the center back of the belt to secure the fold.
At this point I also sewed decorative top-stitching down the length of the belt in a zig-zag pattern from one side of the belt to the other.
Then I sewed another zig-zag opposite to create diamond shapes down the length of the belt. 
One one end, you’ll cut a small hole about 1” from the end to attach the hardware through.
Insert buckle with the right side of the belt up.IMG_1697
Wrap the end of the belt down around hardware and sew across on the back side to secure.
Take a scrap 5”x1” and fold the sides in to make thirds. 
Sew down the edges with 1/8” seam allowance to make the belt loop.
Sew the bottom of the loop face up to the back of the belt.
Wrap the loop around and adjust the length depending on your belt and how tight you want the loop.
Due to the awkward position of the second loop side, I hand sewed it in place.
To finish the end of the belt, I tucked the raw edges back into the tube of the belt and sewed across the end for a square finish.
To create belt holes, I punched them 1” apart with snap pliers.IMG_1730
You’re done!
You could experiment with different materials, layer thin clear vinyl over fabric, or make lots of vibrant colored belts!

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  1. Great tutorial. Was just thinking the other day that i need to make my grand daughter a belt. She so skinny her pants are always sliding down. I also get my hardware from the thrift shop (for purses too). Thanks for making it simple to do.

  2. are awesome. I LOVE this. Pinning!

  3. Awesome tutorial :) was looking for projects to do with my left over vinyl from different project. Love this idea :)
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