Sub for Santa: Dress Up Kit

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Through our church we have an easy way to help families in need for Christmas.
They have a little tree with ornaments and each has a gift and an age so you can anonymously donate a Christmas gift to someone in our town.
I got a gift ornament for "Dress Up Kit" 7 year old.

So I put a few things together, and hope whichever 7 year old girl received it liked it in the end. 
I could have done more, but ran out of time.

I kind of went with a red set and pink set in the kit.
Joann's had sparkle organza on sale so I got a yard of each and made simple elastic waist skirts with satin lining underneath.
They're meant to be longer princess skirts, and I figure you can always roll the waistband if they're too long.
I also made simple sequin headbands to match from 12 inches of stretch sequins you buy in the ribbon/ trim area.  I sewed the ends together with 2-3" of colored elastic.

Then the other project in the kit I made were the glitter heels.
I found a small sized pair of short heels at the thrift store and decided to bling them up.

I thought actual heels would be better than the plastic wedge flip flops that usually come in dress ups, and they're small enough they'll hopefully stay on, but will be bigger than most 7 year olds actual foot size I imagine.

So after cleaning the shoes, I applied a pretty thick layer of mod podge to the outside and dumped glitter all over.  It was a mess, but I did it in a plastic bucket which helped contain the glitter.

After the glitter dried for a few hours, I went back and coated the shoes with another thick layer of mod podge to glue the glitter on so it hopefully won't flake off everywhere when worn.
The right (white) shoe above just got the second coat of mod podge, which did dry clear in the end and make a nice layer to lock the glitter in.
So pretty easy if you need to make your own glitter crusted shoes any time soon!
I'd like to see how it worked on a canvas pair of converse or something.

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  1. I have a 10 year old who is always disappointed because I won't buy Glitter shoes...but we do have modge podge and glitter and a pair of shoes that've seen better days.
    That is a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. What a wonderful gift! I'm sure the little girl that got that, loved it!

  3. What a dream gift for a little girl!


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