Monster Snow Hats: Rounded Horns

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Today I'm thrilled to be sharing a free pattern and tutorial over at Tatertots and Jello for Jen's Happy Holidays series.

Hop over for the free pattern and tutorial for the Three Eyed Monster Hat.

The pattern includes three sizes so you and leave off the monster stuff for plain hats that would be a quick easy gift for teens.

Or you can have fun with all the different monster variations you can create for both boys and girls!

I was really excited about the different options you could make with this pattern and wanted to share this striped version upcycling a men's light sweater as well.
There wasn't enough room to jam it all in one post at Tatertots and Jello, so the tutorial and pattern pieces are also here today for this crazy eyed guy. 

So click below to jump to the full tutorial for this monster variation!
Monster Snow Hats:
Rounded Horns Version
**Please be respectful of my designs and only use for personal use.  Not intended for commercial sale or manufacture, even on a home based scale.
Make them for yourself or as gifts, but I'd appreciate not using my pattern and instructions for profit.  Thanks. Questions email me:
So here we go!

3 pages, select no scaling or print at 100%
Pattern includes three sizes: toddler, kid, and teen/ adult

1/2 yard outer fabric (fleece, faux fur, minky, upcycled sweater)
1/2 yard lining (knit, flannel, any of the above)
scraps for monster elements
scraps of fusible interfacing 
buttons for eyes
handful of polyfil batting

all seam allowances are 1/2" unless otherwise noted

Cut out hat piece from lining and outer fabric, taking note of the fold on the pattern pieces.
I used a mens thermal shirt as the outer hat and knit for the lining.
Trace the mouth pieces, horn tops and eye circles on fusible interfacing.
Select the scraps for eyes and teeth, then iron interfacing according to manufacture instructions to wrong side of fabric.  Cut out shapes.

Finish Monster Face
Sew center front seam with outer fabric.  Using 1/2" seam allowance, sew from pointed top of hat to fold.
Rather than just sewing off fabric to create a point, taper seam into fold to create the curve of the front of the hat.
Pin teeth to mouth piece.  Use a narrow zig-zag stitch with barely any stitch length (applique stitch) to make the thick applique border.  Once teeth are sewn on, trim away solid bars along mouth piece edge.

Open outer fabric hat and pin finished mouth to center of hat vertically and plop eyes on top.
Sew around mouth and eyes with applique stitch.

Add buttons for eyes, making a larger button the iris or base, then adding a smaller black button on top for the pupil.


1. Sew the side seams  with 1/4" seam allowance for the base of horn
2. Mark quarters on the horn top circle and around large opening of base.
3. Right sides together, pin base to flat top circle, pinning the quarters together.
4.  Sew around edge,  with 1/4" seam allowance, working the base edge to align with the round top circle as you sew around.
5. Trim away excess seam allowance around top circle
6. Turn horns right side and fill with batting.
 *I stuff them pretty firmly to help them stand up on finished hat

Attach Horns and Finish Outer Hat

Cut a little pile of yard for the hair and baste on center front seam.
Pin finished rounded horns on each side and baste to face front, making sure to sew through firmly stuffed batting to help them stand up when finished.

Sew center back seam opposite fold (with right sides together).
Line up hat right sides together (front to back) and sew curved seam that goes ear to ear.  Sew seam, remembering to taper into folds on each end again.
Outer hat is finished!


Cut lengths of yarn:
For the braided strap, cut 12 pieces 36" long each.  Separate them into two sections of 6 strands.
For the pom-pom, cut 50 to 75 short strands 6-7" long.  Cut the stack in half to make to two piles of 3 to 3.5" long strips.

1. Lay out one section of 6 (36" long) strand of yarn.  Find center and lay one pile of short yarn across.
2. Tie long yarn ends around center of short pile.
3. Pull as tight as you can, making the short pile squish into a pom pom.
4.  Tie another loop on top of first to create a square knot, pulling it as tight as you can again.
5. Separate long strands into three sections, with 4 pieces in each section.
6. Braid long strands tightly to the end.

Sew Lining and Complete Hat
Sew lining into hat, first sewing the front and back seams, then lining seams in the center and sewing the curved seam from ear to ear.  Remember to taper all seams into fold for rounded smooth shape of finished hat.
Determine how long you prefer the straps and sew braids to right side of lining at center of ear flap.  Pom poms should be up toward head.  Sew forward and back in seam allowance to secure straps.

1. Place outer hat (inside out) over lining (right side out) with pom poms up in hat and align bottom edges.
2. Sew around bottom edge of hat, making sure to leave a section unsewn that will make a 4-5" hole for turning.  Position hole at back of hat.
3.  Pull both outer hat and lining through hole, turning hat right side out.  Push lining back up into hat and smooth out edges, especially around ear flaps.
4. Fold raw edges under and pin hole closed.  Top-stitch around bottom seam of hat 1/4" from edge, sewing hole closed and finishing bottom seam.

You're Finished!!

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  1. Thanks for the cute tutorial. Those hats are just so cool!


  2. Love em! Also love the upcycling!

  3. Love the hats. I wanted to pin a picture on pinterest but didn't want to put pictures of your kids up -- do you have a picture of the hats by themselves?

  4. Vielen Dank für diese geniale Idee !!!
    einfach wunderbar !

  5. OOOH so cute! Hope I have time to make one after Christmas! We usually get our snow in January, anyway. ;)

  6. Hello! Very cute :)
    I am inspired by your tutorial to make the hat-monster for my little girl...thank you!

  7. Awsome "end" picture love it. Do you guys sell the finished product? If so Id love to find out how I can purchase the three-eyed monster hat. Thanks!


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