14 Cedar Garden Boxes

10:36 AM

I have been thinking and working and dreaming about my garden for months! I started my seeds back in February, and by the first of March I had seven of my fourteen garden boxes built. On Saint Patrick's Day I planted peas, carrots, onions, beets, potatoes, spinach, lettuce, fennel, and (my favorite) tomatoes. Since then, the weather has been drastic, so the sprouts have had a slow start, but they're all doing well. 

For the second batch of boxes, I did all the cutting and Herschel built them for me. After we had them positioned on the back lawn we lined the bottom of each box with cardboard and paper sacks to keep the grass from coming back up. Then we filled the boxes with topsoil and compost. The last step was to reinforce the long sides of the boxes. We bought 40 feet of rebar, cut it with a grinder and pounded it in the ground 7 inches.

When I'm working in the kitchen, I love to look out the window and see my gorgeous garden just getting started. I can't wait for fresh salads, corn on the cob, melons, and of course tomatoes. This summer I hope to learn how to bottle my own ketchup. Herschel and I have plans to install a drip line into each box so the watering will happen automatically in the middle of the night. SO excited!!!

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  1. A bit of heaven. Can't wait to see an update in June or July when everything is in full swing. They look amazing!

  2. We finally bit the bullet and bought enough drip hose for our entire garden. I am loving not having to stand out there with a hose all the time! :) You will love an automatic system. We have ours on valves, and just turn on and off. Your boxes look great too!


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