Tutorial: Handmade Piping

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I like to make my own piping because I can get the exact color I want. I also like to use handmade piping for cushions or upholstery because you can choose any size of cording you want. It's a pretty simple procedure that allows you limitless options.

1. Prepare the fabric to be cut on the bias. If you have a quilting ruler, you can just cut the fabric on a 45 degree angle. If you don't have a quilter's ruler, just line up the squared edge with the salvage edge. The diagonal fold is your bias line. Cut on the fold, then refold the fabric with the new cut line lined up.

2. Cut a bunch of bias strips 1 1/4" wide. The bias cut fabric allows the finished piping to run along any curve or corner without getting bunched up or stretched. (This is for 1/4" cording. If you're using a larger size cord, you'll want to increase the width of your bias strips).
3. Stitch all the strips together. If you've never stitched bias strips together, it can be a little confusing. They don't line up point to point like you might imagine. The points extend a bit, and you stitch from indent to indent so the strips stay lined up.

4. Press the seams open.

5. Press the whole strip in half.

This is 1/4" cording I'll be using to make the piping. Various sizes are usually available in fabric stores.

6. Place the cording inside the prepared bias strip. Stitch across the end to keep the cording from getting pulled out.

7. Run the cording down the pressed center crease, and close the fabric around the cording.

8. Using a zipper foot or a cording foot, stitch right next to the enclosed cord.

Once you've stitched down the whole length of the bias strip, you're finished. The piping can be installed to your clothing or upholstery with a zipper foot or a cording foot.

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  1. I love these simple tutorials! Thank you!

  2. I just did this for the first time last week! My aunt always says that piping is addictive! I'm afraid she might be right!


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