Reusable Shopping Bags

2:13 PM

I've been meaning to make nice shopping bags for about two years, and I finally sat down yesterday afternoon and did it. I wanted something beautiful to carry all the groceries and these are way better than the crumpled paper sacks I've been using. 
I made each bag with less than 1/3 of a yard of fabric. I used some upholstery scraps that I had in my cabinet, so I didn't have to buy anything!

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  1. Cute, especially the one with the chicken on it. Would be perfect for shopping at the farmer's market.

  2. Do you have a pattern you can share to make the bags?

  3. Lovely - and so practical... Did you take the standard commercial bag as your pattern?

    1. I just hacked it out and stitched it together, but it was so easy, I'll put a simple pattern and tutorial together soon!

  4. Oh these are clever.....just what I need infact!

  5. I love these so much I want to make some. Can you please do a tutorial?


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