Tutorial: Reusable Shopping Bag

8:57 AM

Last week I posted some reusable shopping bags I made, and we've had a few requests for a tutorial, so, here it is!

1. Cut out the pieces.
Main body: 33" x 15"
Bottom: 7" x 11"
Handles: 3" x 17" (cut 2)
2. Stitch and serge the side seam of the main body piece. (1/2" seam allowance).
3. Prepare the handles. Press the long raw edges in and top-stitch down the length of both sides,
4. Stitch the main body to the bottom, clipping and pivoting at the corners.
5. Serge the bottom.
6. Stitch a 2" hem around the top of the bag.
7. Attach handles.
I like to stitch an X on the handle to ensure security.


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  1. thanks for sharing the tutorial! I've got a post on Craft Gossip scheduled for this evening that links to your how-to:


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