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4:00 AM

Hey, it's been months since I posted anything...mainly because I haven't had much time to make anything! Ugh!

But I just wanted to check in and say hi because I miss blogging and interacting with you guys, but have enjoyed watching Lynette build and create stuff!
Our family recently went to Disneyland.
It was everyone's first time other than my husband.
There were magical moments like fireworks at night with Tinkerbell flying across the sky...
and horrible moments like Micky Mouse shaped blisters on the ball of my husband's feet.
Which is the substance of family vacations I guess, amazing memories littered with mini nightmares along the way right?

My son turned six!
He wanted a Jack Sparrow cake. 
I'm low-key with birthdays and parties in general, nothing like those matching straw parties you see on pinterest.
But if that's all you know you are still excited for a kind of sloppy pirate cake I guess! 

I'm still trying to plow through my classes and taking them in the summer semester.
The spring semester ended with only one week break so that is killing my time and summer!

We haven't started construction on the house yet.
Hoping to get the building permit finally finalized and get a hole dug this month!
But I did score this antique door for free from a kid that works in the cabinet shop.  It's the front door from his families farm in our community...he gave it to me free!
It's going in the attic for the 1/2 bath and I'm going to sandblast the original glass to make it stoked to ever get time to sandblast!  I have all the supplies and tools.

I'm also in charge of a 3 day camp for the teenage girls in our church that is the end of this month so once that is over I will have one less thing to stress about!

Other that what keeps me busy we're trying to have a fun summer! 

I actually did sew something a few weeks ago but just need to take pictures to show you!

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  1. What a lovely idea for that door!

  2. I've been thinking about you lately and hoping that you are doing well with all your busy things going on! Good luck with camp, and everything else you are doing! I'm glad you got to go to Disneyland, how fun! I love that place.

  3. DISNEYLAND!! that's fun times! i've missed you, Jess! happy birthday to RJ! :)

  4. I've been wondering about your house-building. We have a hole in the ground, so things are moving along, if it would quit raining!

  5. I too have missed you. thank you for the pictures and update. I hope you are inventing something to keep the photos coming with your projects. you all look really good. RJ handsome h=as ever and the girls are beauties.
    wishing you ll the very best. how is your hsb. liking his small town medical practice ? getting overworked like you? how much more schooling will you have ? I am sure you must have told us but it has been awhile.

  6. wow my subscription seems to have disappeared along with my comments. just want to say great to hear/see from you again.

  7. We like the small town. My husband does work a lot. He has his clinic 9-5 and has the emergency full time as well. It's low enough volume he does both at the same time as his clinic is joined to the hospital and he runs between, but yes we don't see him as much as we'd like and he never seems to get enough sleep. I will finish school next spring. This fall I think I'll only take 1 class as we'll be busy with the house and then finish it all up in the spring semester. Things are busy. I keep thinking next summer will be great, I'll be done with school and we'll be in a house. Another doctor will join my husband so hopefully we'll even get to see him more!


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