Thread Board

9:44 AM

I found a big sack of pegs in my garage, so I slapped a peg board up on the wall to hold all of my threads. I found some 1 x 4 scraps to make the little shelf for my buttons. It's simple and functional and I like the way it looks.

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  1. Love the look. But something to consider is the sunlight might fade the colours as well as weaken the thread. I don't think it will be a problem if you use up the thread in a reasonable amount of time but something to consider if, like me, you have colours that sit for awhile. I notice the board is right by the window. I took down my thread holder which had the sunlight streaming on it. So now my eye candy threads are now tucked into drawers.

  2. I really love the look too, and considered hanging a peg board for my embroidery threads. But then I heard that the thread dries out from being exposed to the air, along with what Nancy said about the sunlight fading the colors. So now I keep my spools in clear covered plastic containers away from sunlight. Not near as accessible, or pretty tho!

  3. If I had expensive embroidery threads, I'd keep them tucked away too. These are just all-purpose polyester threads, and they get used up quickly.


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