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I saw this website on the box of Capri Suns: where they buy your empty trash to recycle it into different products.  I saw a Capri Sun pencil case and backpack.  I thought it was a pretty cool idea, and I love making something great out of trash, so I've been saving my son's empty Capri Suns to make my own little pencil case.

I thought of making a whole tutorial, but there are good pencil case tutorials already out there, and I'll show you how I made my trash into "fabric". Then you can use them for whichever pencil case you like the best.
Here's just a few tutorial to choose from.

First I cut of the top and one side, rinsed it out, and cut through the bottom.  I chose to just cut off the bottom of the pouch, so I could use the whole pouch front, rather than cutting it short.

For my pouch I needed a total of 5 Capri Suns. 
2 for each side
1 cut in half for the bottom

I sewed them right sides together, using 1/4" seam allowance. 

At this point I had a front and a back and the bottom.  But the other side that wasn't sewn, had the lip of the pouch sticking up.  So I laid the front of the pouch flat, folding the lip on the plain silver "back" of the pouch.  I zig-zagged each lip down, making the 4 sections one flat piece.

Rather than lining my pencil case, I just basted lining to each piece.  So I cut a piece of red flannel the same size of each Capri Sun strip.  I sewed the red on the back, guiding right on the edge of the Capri Sun package.

 So you can use the Capri Sun's like a very stiff fabric in your favorite pencil case tutorial.  I even serged it later for mine and it was just fine. 

Kind of fun way to recycle potential land fill waste, and have a sturdy little tote!
I've been thinking of all the other uses you could find for empty Capri Sun pouches.

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  1. I have to admit, I don't like the purses made from these - unless they are being used by Jr high girls. But I am totally willing to have a pencil holder of these. Cool Jess!


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