Playing Dress Up

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Today my little sister, Lynette, came over.  She's introducing a new spring line of her clothing.  She owns her own little tailoring business, and designs clothing on the side.  She is very talented.  Of course you hate to model your own stuff, so she came over and had me try to make her dresses look appealing.  We had a lot of fun.  It was pretty much like playing dress up again, except we are adults,  less feather boas, and our heels actually fit us.
We both felt so awkward trying to pose.  But it was fun.  She's planning to reveal each piece, so you can see them on her blog the next couple of days.  Some are so great, I wish I could have kept them.  One in particular, look for it--cream, 50s inspired, with a green sash.  I felt like Jackie Kennedy wearing it.  All of her designs are beautiful, comfortable, and cover you up in all the right places.  I don't know her plan to make a bunch to sell, or take custom orders, she'll probably explain all that on her blog.  So the good shots will be on her blog, a few mess ups/ silly ones are here. 

Napolean Dynamite 80s boots with a formal and plywood backdrop-boo-yah!

The truck shot is actually for the jeans.  Yes, Lynette designs and makes custom jeans. Our brothers love them.  I'm still waiting for mine.  These jeans are Top Gun, thus the 80s hair and my Aviator jacket.
This last one popped up and Lynette and I both started laughing.  I was mainly laughing at the swooped hair and the sky.  It was too bad the jeans look so bad with the awkward crotch and waist, and what were we thinking, an upshot is never flattering.  I think of all the bad shots, this one was our favorite and made us laugh the most.  The hair almost makes me think Maverick may just walk by any second...and my jacket is an actual airforce issued Aviator overstock I bought from a military surplus store.  I was showing my 14-year-old nephew my purchase and pointed to a pocket on the shoulder, and said: "What are all these pen pockets for on the sleeve?" like a bimbo.  He pointed out they were far too short and wide for pens...those were for bullets.  Oh.  Thanks.

So look for better photos of Lynette's awesome designs shortly! 

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  1. ahhaah these are great...fab. cloths by the way!

  2. Got my shoes yesterday, love them!!! Thank you so much. And for the record, I love these pics :)


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