Baby Gift Outfit--Woods

3:59 PM

This little outfit is a gift for a baby shower. The mother mentioned she would prefer to lean away from pink. I also recall she liked woods theme for the bedding. Not that your clothes should match your bed, but I thought she might think the toadstool and acorn would be better than other options I was considering. One addition to the long-sleeved onesie, was the BUTT RUFFLES! Here's a tutorial for 3 different options I found through Ucreate. I thought if she didn't want to wear the skirt with it, some red baby legs would look cute so you could see the butt ruffles.

The skirt is knit with elastic waistband. To make the skirt, it is just a rectangle 9" high and 24" wide, sewn with a back seam, then hemmed and the elatic waist. I added the white ribbon on the hem, and zig-zagged it in place.

Hopefully this mom and little girl will enjoy this outfit when she arrives!

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