Purse/ Tote for Bianca

7:22 PM


My good friend from high school, Jill has a great Etsy shop, Waddell Creek Rustics. We traded, and this was she ordered, a little tote/ purse for her little Bianca turning two next month. She specified something girly, with a stiletto shoe on the front.

As I thought about my design, I thought, this girl needs it reversible so she has two purses in one! One side with a little bling, the other side for every day.

The casual side is fern green narrow ribbed canvas, with the paisley ribbon border on the top that wraps around, and the appliqued monogram for "B".

The fancy side is a sequined purple with the applique black, sleek stilletto.

Hope she loves it!
I had my son try it out, since he is near the same age, and he found you could still run around and whack stuff with sticks and the tote didn't get in the way. I can't wait to get my Jill creation!

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  1. NO WAY!!! Oh Jess, that is SO darling...And reversible?!? you have gone above and beyond on this!

    She is going to LOVE it!

    Thanks again!

  2. These are adorable! And you sooo need a little girl to model your stuff...not that RJ isnt good enough, because he sure does rock the purse!

  3. Sparkly yumminess! How fun to trade!!


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