Toadstool School Bag

2:48 PM

I made an owl school bag first, but in order to make a tutorial, I had to make another one. 

I designed this tote for a friend that is a 5th grade teacher, but these would also be great as a diaper bag, airport carry-on, or anything else where you need a huge tote to carry all your junk.

So I decided to go with red/white/toadstool on this one.  It's basically the exact same as the brown owl bag, except the handle is narrower through the holes, so this tote bunches up easier...oh and the fact it has 3 toadstools rather than an owl on it. 

This tote is upcycled from a red ribbed blanket.  The white bottom half of the handles are canvas, and the lining is the same as the owl bag.

The toadstools seem more appropriate for spring, but everything was snow covered lately, except this little patch of dead leaves under the makeshift bridge between our yard and the next door neighbors.  So my attempt where a real toadstool should be.

I'm using this tote as a gift...however out of season it may be.

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  1. I saw your cute school bag, so I looked up the tutorial and made myself a church bag. I don't know how to post a picture in a comment, but you can go to my blog ( and check it out if you like. Thank you for inspiring my creativity.

  2. Jess: Link away! My blog started as one to keep far away family in-the-know, but I have other non-family readers. If I can help inspire creativity, then that's great!


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