Creep Up A Skull

3:34 PM

I've been looking for a skull for a while, and found one at Dollar Tree.
It looked cheap, obviously being from the dollar store, but I thought I could improve the lame skull into something better.  The worst was the mouth, just a single black swipe of paint across the mouth--looked pretty crappy.

So here's the difference:

The first thing I did was paint the back of the mouth and nose holes black with acrylic craft paint.
Then the teeth cream.
I found that I had metallic gold paint, so thought a few gold teeth would make this look like a pirate skull.

Next I used brown paint to add skull sutures. Just squiggly lines on the skull where bones fuse.

Then I tried to add brown dimension with watered paint, but it didn't work.
So to shade the skull, I used brown shoe polish and a stipple brush to make the skull look more dimensional.
I thought it looked a lot better than the plain plastic.
After it was finished, my little guy looked it and said: "Mean pirate!" So I guess at least for him, I met the goal to make it creepy, and a pirate.

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  1. wow, that looks exponentially better

  2. Wow! I especially love the gold tooth, how funny and clever!

  3. I'm lovin' all your halloween fun for the kiddos!!

    It's amazing what you can do with a little with items from the dollar store. I do stuff like this all the the time for our little shop and then sell it for WAY more. heehee, if people only knew!!

  4. I love all your Halloween decor!!

  5. The gold tooth makes it. Very awesome!



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