Anthropologie Inspired Suede Jacket

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I've only stepped foot in an actual Anthropologie store once, earlier this spring in Vegas.  I am not a shopper, and we were on a girls trip which included a ton of shopping.  By the end of that day, I was so tired I just sat on the couch and looked around the store.  So I didn't really check it out.
But I do however, enjoy looking at their website.  I saw this outdoor wool coat, and loved the flattering seams and buttoned  ruffle.

So I planned out my own version, using this pattern: Simplicity 2313 as the base.  I adapted things to make a dressier jacket, rather than an outdoor zip-up coat.

I chose to make the jacket out of moleskin, which is fabric sueded on one side with a satin back.  I like the feel of suede, and the satin back made it so the ruffle didn't need to be lined, just hemmed.  The moleskin also has some stretch to it, so for clothing that's nice.  I like teal, and my mom hates it because it reminds her of being sick.  It's funny how certain colors evoke certain emotions, memories, connections.
I love these leather looking woven buttons.  I had 3 different colors and sizes stocked up from 50% off sales, and Lynette made the final decision that it looked best with these lighter brown buttons.

Once again, the best part of making my own jacket is having the ridiculously long sleeves for my orangutan arms.  I also liked the slight gathering in the shoulder of these sleeves making the slight puff--nothing to Anne of Green Gable's Christmas dress, but just enough to add some femininity.

The back is just basic princess type seams, nothing fancy.

Lynette actually ended up helping on this jacket a lot.  I was visiting and finishing it up, and she hemmed the sleeves and back at her tailor shop with her industrial blind hemmer.  It's just a lot nicer with the professional blind hemmer, rather than using the blind hem stitch on my machine.  She also thought of the equestrian name/ association, and let me use her bodice form that happened to be at home rather than her shop.  Man, I really enjoyed using that thing and wish I had one of my own.   A dress form would be so handy, especially if it was adjustable to my size.
She also let me snap a photo of her in the jacket as she was leaving for work, as I feel so dorky modeling and hate to do it.

I think I'll go back and tack down parts of the ruffle at the chest and waist, as they can lay funny with the fabric being lighter.  Then the ruffle wouldn't gap from the actual jacket as much. 

I actually get nervous about sharing clothing I make on here, because I really have no sense of fashion or style, I just like what I like, and I'm sure that a lot of people don't like it and would never wear it.  Which is fine and part of sharing your ideas, someone out there is always going to think your idea stinks.
But anyway, I thought I would wear black under the jacket on top, with a black/charcoal wool skirt with a small print, black opaque tights and black shoes.  I have some mustard earrings I thought might be fun to add some contrast.  But I know nothing about putting outfits together, so maybe if you have cute ideas of what you'd wear with this leave me an idea!
Also, I'm assuming the light brown buttons would work with black underneath right?  You don't have to match the buttons I hope...not that I would probably if someone says I should.
Anyway, this jacket isn't perfect because I made it.  But it was fun to see something I really loved from Anthropologie and make my own version for less than $15.00, and with sleeves that actually go to my wrists rather than the middle of my forearms  (I'm not exaggerating, it is that bad with jackets/ coats!).

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  1. i L-O-V-E it!
    you had me at the Anne reference:O)
    honestly, it's beautiful.
    and at anthro it was probably $564. and that's no exaggeration! make me one! love the color and the buttons. perfect.

  2. No sense of fashion or style?....... Wrong on that one! The jacket is fab!

  3. I bow down to you! That is the most delicious and beautiful coat! Can I have it? (just kidding- I am sure it is too small for me- lol). I love love love the color and the buttons are perfect. Did I mention I love this coat??

  4. I love teal, it's like a go to color for me. You really are on a jacket roll right now. I bought some basic jacket patterns a while back that I wanted to change up a bit, seeing all that you are doing may just get me to make one for me.

    Who cares what other people like or dislike for style, this is your blog and your stuff...enough said!

  5. Very well done! I like your jacket better. The color is wonderful and you did a top notch job. I wouldn't mind a dress form either.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Prudent Baby had this tutorial on making your own dress form some time ago:

    I think this jacket looks great and would work for a lots of outfits, from jeans to a dress. If you got some buttons left you could make some simple earrings, or you could make some simple accecoires like some ruffle flower hairclips out of fabric scraps. If you've got a light brown belt it would also look great whit this jacket.

  7. OH MY HECK!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! I want one sooo bad!! Can you teach me the ways of sewing!!! My sister and I would pay you money to teach us your mad skills!!!!!

  8. Very nice jacket! Love the colour and ruffle!

  9. Three things: 1- I totally watched Anne of Green Gables this week. 2- I would wear this jacket in a heartbeat, and I like it better than the Anthro one. 3- Mustard is the perfect color to pair with this! It's similar to the buttons, and complements the blue/teal color perfectly 4- After seeing your other red jacket I'm in a jackety mood and bought a few jacket patterns at Hancocks for 99 cents today. Wish me luck! OK, so that was four things. But it really looks fantastic, LOVe it!

  10. are you kidding me with your talent! This is fabulous!!!

  11. I have the same problem with sleeve lengths, and I am in love with how your jacket turned out! Really, I love it! When find some inexpensive material here, this will be my next project!

  12. Wow, so cute! I love it! You may not be interested (and I think someone already posted a different tute) but here's a link to make your own dress form using duct tape (cheap!)!!
    Love your projects, you're absolutely amazing, wish I had your talent.

  13. Jess, I love this! I am amazed (and jealous) at your sewing skills!

  14. Love this! I bought this pattern a while ago and haven't made it yet. (too many other things on the list ha). Great color.

  15. This is incredible. I want one!! I'm going to make one as soon as I can get my hands on this patter you speak of.

  16. love love love this jacket!! and the color is beautiful. i hope your mom comes around and changes her mind.

  17. i love it! i don't buy that you have no sense of style. i would wear that in a heartbeat!

  18. It looks perfect to me! I love this look. Not sure if I could pull it off or not but I'm sure my oldest daughter could. I think I might attempt one for a Christmas gift. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


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