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More Halloween.
Most of my Halloween decorations are in the cute category.  But this year I'm making more spooky/ creepy items for the console table--in the end I hope it will kind of look like a witch's table or something.  But here's a few quick things made with thrift store finds.
A bleeding candle and a container of poisoned dragon liver.

Here's the original items I found at the thrift store.

familiar from Bedknobs and Broomsticks?
This isn't that creative really.  I just filled the jar with white vinegar dyed with food coloring.  I chose vinegar instead of water, thinking it wouldn't grow anything gross.
I wanted to have some kind of floating glob in there to be the liver, so I cut up balloons and put them in. I wish I had black or red balloons, but pink worked.
For the tag, I burned the edges of white cardstock and wrote the text with an ink fountain pen.
I covered the original label with twine, and used it to attach the dragon tag.

Another easy project.
I spray painted the candle holder black.
Then to make the candle bleed, stuck it in some dirt outside.
Next I melted the red candle and let it drip down the sides.
The red was just the outer coating, so I ended up melting about half way down the candle by the end.

Hope you aren't sick of Halloween...more creepy creations to come.

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