Office Chair Update

5:00 AM

This project has been sitting in my garage since August.  We've had a lot of things going on, and I finally finished it.  We've needed an office chair for a long time.  In front of our desk now we use half an office chair, just the seat with the back broken off.
So this baby is quite the upgrade.

This chair came from the thrift store originally.  Sometimes I'm shocked how high prices can be at thrift stores, considering most of the stuff is junk, and they got it for free!  But this chair was a deal at $6.50.  It's an all metal frame, and I'd guess it's from the 60s or 70s.  It seems like very few things are made completely with sturdy metal anymore.
It was actually a pretty quick project, although it took me months to finally get it done.
1. Remove cushions from frame
2. Wash the frame down
3. Prime frame with spray paint primer

4. Paint
I used probably 1.5 cans of oil rubbed bronze spray paint
5. Remove all the staples and old nasty fabric from cushions
6. Recover Cushions
For the arms, I just hot glued the fabric over the rubber grips, since there was no way my stapler could get down in there.
The back was originally just fabric covered wood.  I added a layer of 1" thick foam.  This chair allowed me to just staple the fabric around the foam and into the wood of the chair back. 

Then I added the a piece of fabric to the back, and the frame ended up covering the staples. 

I made the piping and just hot glued it to the edge, then attached the back rest to the chair frame.

The seat was more involved.  I sewed the cover with the white piping in the seat seam.  I didn't include instructions on making the piping or the seat cover because it's the same as the green vintage chair I reupholstered in the spring {here}.

With paint and new fabric, and a little foam, we have a totally new chair that should hopefully last a long time.

He likes to give mean faces lately.

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  1. I LOVE this! Your chair looks fantastic, much better than any other that I've seen floating around potterybarn included. I love the stripes, I love the piping, I love that it was $6.50, I love love it. Nice work!


  2. oh my goodness I just did a project just like this! Isn't fun!? I L-O-V-E the pinstripes!!! Looks amazing as always!

  3. Isn't it fun?! (that is what I meant...)

  4. What an awesome makeover! It looks adorable!

  5. Great job on your redo of the office chair. Loving that mens type suiting fabric you used and the contrast with the piping really makes it look smart.

    I agree with you about nothing being made with all steel type construction anymore. It seems like if you want a piece of furniture that will be around longer than you will anymore you have to buy some of these well made antiques.

  6. you seriously blow my mind. I'd be afraid I could never get it back together again!

  7. We love your lovely blog, and so we nominate you for the "Lovely Award"!!!

    Visit our blog for details!


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