Halloween Garland

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More Halloween Crafts.
Since the end of August we've been living between home and in a little apartment on the other side of the state while my husband has been working there.  But it's finally over and we're home for good!
But being in a small space with a toddler is what initiated all these Halloween crafts, and we're home and able to hang them up now.

So here's our little banner we made:
Basically potato stamp skeletons and wax paper/ crayon pumpkins sewn on fishing line.

I got the idea from the Martha Stewart website.  The link for this particular craft is here, there were lots of fun Halloween ideas on there.
There's a template, but I just hacked out my skeleton on my own, very similar to theirs though.

I used acrylic white paint to stamp them onto black construction paper.  I learned less paint on the potato makes a better stamp.  I didn't dip the potato in paint, but just used my finger to add a thin layer each time.  My son had fun stamping his paper, but you couldn't really tell they were skeletons so I made these ones.

These came from Vanessa's idea here.  Basically melting wax paper and crayon shavings into single layers.
The tutorial is for fall leaves, but the same idea, I just used yellow and orange crayon shavings to have a orangish sheet for little pumpkins.  I drew the jack-o-lantern faces on with a black thin permanent marker.
My little guy is too little to really help with this part other than peeling crayons, but he loved to watch and hold the pumpkins as I'd cut them out.

To connect them, I just used a needle and fishing line to connect them in a row.  This way I can slide them to adjust them, as I didn't want to measure equal distances by attaching them permanently to ribbon or something, although that would be cute, I was just lazy.
Quick and simple little garland.  I just taped it to my mantle with painter's tape and stuck little pumpkins on the tape to hide it.

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  1. So cute! It really completes your mantle. This really would be a fun craft to do with kids. Thanks for sharing!


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