Where Did Fall Go?

3:12 AM

 For the last 4 weeks we've been staying in Utah with my little sister Lynette and her husband Drew while my husband had to work a month in Salt Lake City.

We had so much fun, seeing family and spending time with Lynette who's the nicest sister and aunt to my kids.  You can probably see in the majority of my recent clothing posts just how much she helped me sew while I was there, even making me a pair of pants.  
I learned a lot of tricks and new sewing skills and just learned a lot about clothing construction I didn't know which was great, and Lynette was very helpful.  I also gained a lot of confidence in sewing adult clothing these last few weeks.
 I still have my 2 biggest/ proudest projects to post that I made under Lynette mentoring...just need to get some pictures taken of them.  One project used wool I've been storing for 3 years now.  I've been too nervous in the past to cut it into a coat...but I finally did and it actually ended up looking like a coat!

Anyway, after a month of being out of town, we came home to snow.   
Not a ton, but fall is over and winter is here.

Also, this chubby girl started crawling during our month in Utah...so now we have to baby proof our house.  She's getting so big! 

Sorry for those that gag on people like us, but we put up our Christmas tree.  6 weeks before Christmas.
Rhett had Sunday off between rotations and I decided it would be the best time to get all the Christmas stuff out while he was here to enjoy and help with it.
I LOVE Christmas and listening to Christmas music early, where Rhett tolerates the early start on Christmas.
I'm used to it, we were always a little early in my family growing up -- his family got the tree up a week before Christmas.
We don't have that much as far as decor, so it was an afternoon's worth of family time.
a few people have asked about the nativity on the mantle, my mom made it and I posted all about her hard work last year.  Check them out in more detail here.

I love fall, but we're ready for the holiday magic to begin around here.

I have a bunch of projects to post, mainly the photography aspect is holding me back, at the same time I've recently exploded with new project ideas and am holding myself back from jumping into them.  So I do have some pretty exciting things to share this week...or at least I'm excited about them!

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  1. How fun that you got to spend so much time with Lynette! I read her blog too and you can tell how much she enjoyed having you there! Your Christmas Tree is gorgeous and you are making me want to set mine up! Can't wait to see your new projects :)

  2. Your christmas decor is beautiful and may I ask where on earth you bought your nativity scene on your mantle ? I am seiously in love with it...

  3. Thanks! My mom actually made my nativity, here's the post with each section in a link to get all the info and details.

  4. here's the nativity link: http://projectsbyjess.blogspot.com/2010/12/nativity-mom-feature.html

  5. I really enjoy your blog. It is one of my quick daily checks to see what's new. You are really creative and inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to post.

    (PS found your blog while clicking "next blog" button. I don't post but I'm here.)

  6. Hee hee, I'm guessing that early tree is going to be hours of entertainment for your new crawler!


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