Mustard Cardigan Refashion

12:30 AM

I love cardigans.
I always have.
I remember asking for a cardigan for my 8th birthday and getting a pink one with pockets. 
I also remember my older brother teasing me about having more cardigans than Mr. Rodgers.
But I'm glad they're in fashion, or seem to be worn a lot with all the layering.

So to add to my cardigan collection, I first saw this really bright yellow cableknit sweater at Walmart for $3.00 in a size larger than I wear.
But to start with the color, I wanted to mute the bright banana yellow to a mustard, so I dyed it with tea.
But this time I was able to fit the sweater in a big pot on my stove as it simmered in probably 10-15 tea bags   with 5-8 cups of water.

Now to make the sweater a cardigan.
I did the same method as I did earlier this spring, more steps in that post,
but basically you cut the sweater down the center fold and sew the buttons on one side, and the button hole placket on the other.

To stabilize the edges of the woven sweater, I sew twill tape on the front of each side after I cut it, 
then fold it to the back or wrong side and top stitch it down the edge.  The twill tape doesn't stretch and keeps the new edges in shape and reinforces the buttonholes.
back side of cardigan center, you can see the twill tape and buttons sewn to the edge

Because you'll most likely be wearing the cardigan over another top, and you lose 1/2-1" in the center, I would recommend buying a size up if planning on cutting up a sweater to make yourself a cardigan.
You could always vary the closure too, using a zipper, toggles, snaps, etc. 

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  1. so cute! I have a mustard cardi that I bought, but it's really bright. I never thought to dye it with tea bags! thanks for the idea, we'll see if I'm gutsy enough, lol.

  2. If you start with a diluted tea bath, you could work in stages to get the color you prefer. I just took the plunge since I was only in $3.00 worth. You can also lighten the tea dye a bit if you do go too dark with washing it in a hot water cycle.

  3. Nicely done Jessica and what a bargain!

  4. Well, now I know what twill tape is! I had a pattern that called for it, but I didn't know what it was and our Wal-Mart (the only place we had for such things in our town) didn't have any. Glad to at least know what it is. Thanks! And I love how this turned out. Good job. :)

  5. Looks great! I am still amazed at how many projects you can get done.

  6. wow! so easy made but the result is great! thank you!

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