Halloween: Elora Danon from Willow

2:00 PM

Here's the other half of our little Willow Halloween.
RJ was Willow, and Ellaria was the baby--Elora Danon.

Most of the movie the baby is wrapped up and you only see her hood and arms.
So this is just a hooded dress with little fleece pants.

Probably my favorite element is the front placket.
To get it over her head, I added the opening on the front of the dress.
Using a facing and the elastic cording, it closes by wrapping around the wood buttons.

I made these large enough she can wear them as regular clothes in the winter months ahead. 

Little Ellie was ready for a nap by the end of our afternoon in the leaves. 

Halloween is officially over, hope you had a good one this year!
We ended up having unusually great weather that wasn't freezing or snowing so it was a good Halloween at our house.  
My husband had to work all night, and my sister watched Ellie so RJ and I went trick or treating for a mother-son date I guess.

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  1. The kids look so great and as always, I am in awe of your creativity and talents!

  2. They look great! It was great weather here as well.

  3. Ellie's costume is darling...and heck she could wear it just for fun! I still LOVE your coat. I need to make one for myself.

  4. Hi Jessica
    Cute! Cute! Cute! Love your imagination!!!


  5. Ah! This is one of my all-time favorite movies. Ever. Love it :)


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