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Making this blazer has been a big deal to me.
It's the most I've ever spent on fabric--sapphire velvet.
It's my only article of clothing that is "dry clean only".
Any long sleeved piece of clothing with sleeves that are actually long for my orangutan arms makes me happy.
Due to wearing solid Old Navy tees most of my life, wearing a blazer makes me fancy and grown up if that makes sense...almost like playing dress up a little actually.
It was something I thought it would be nice to be able to make for myself one day, and finally that day came and although not perfect, it turned out looking like I expected and I was pleased.

The Larkrise Blazer
Princess seams, shawl collar, three button closure, fully lined.

The inspiration for this came from a british TV series.
I am a big fan of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters. I've always liked the period films set during Regency England.  So my mom told me about a series called Larkrise to Candleford.  It's a BBC series with 4 seasons and that was pretty much all my turns for Netflix picks this summer.  I'm sure a lot of people would hate it, but I really enjoyed the series.
The main character Laura wears this blue cobalt velvet coat quite often and each time I always thought how much I liked the color, drape, style, and sheen of her coat.
Here's the only photo I could find.

So that's my inspiration, but obviously hoped to make a modern version.
I did come across J.Crew's Schoolboy velvet blazers in my search too.

 I decided I wanted a feminine blazer, and went with the shawl collar, which means the whole collar is added on in one piece, where a traditional lapel has the body center front panel fold for the bottom point, and a small collar is added for the larger/ behind the neck point.  The shawl collar seemed less business blazer to me.

The velvet was $25/ yard!  Crazy.  So with a 50% off coupon at JoAnns I bought the 2.5 yards but it was the most expensive cut of fabric I've ever purchased.
So I was nervous to cut into this and decided it would be best to make a mock blazer first, so I made the uncut corduroy blazer if you remember seeing that one.

The main difference between them is the Larkrise is fully lined, where I didn't bother lining the corduroy.
I chose a periwinkle lining that was on clearance. 

I used half ball 1/2" buttons and covered them with the velvet scraps.  
An easy fun way to have a nicer look and perfectly coordinated buttons!

I wore it this day with my houndstooth sheath dress, navy tights, and riding boots.  I think I'd like to try wearing it with a more causal look, like jeans and just a tee under it or something.
But being dry clean only, so far I've only brought it out for special occasions...which for us means events with no kids to vomit on me.

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  1. This is stunning! You inspire me to sew for myself more. Maybe after the house is built...

  2. Your blazer is beautiful. I love it! If only I was brave enough to try it.

    And, hooray for another Lark Rise fan. I didn't think it would have made it across the Atlantic, but I'm glad you have discovered it. I love the fashions, although not those of Ruby and Pearl :0)

    Has Downton Abbey reached the US yet? Another period drama, this time set in the early 1900s and so far the second season has only just finished. Worth watching for the costumes alone, but if you are a fan of period dramas then worth looking out for!

  3. I've been trying to get up the guts to buy velvet. This is beautiful, love the color and the collar and LOVE it with pearls. Lovely!

  4. Gorgeous! You look like a model. You did a fantastic job!! Very inspiring.

  5. Beautiful job!! And I love "Larkrise", too. :)

  6. That colour is stunning on you! Great work!

  7. O Jess, it looks amazing!! Seriously, amazing!

  8. Hi, This is gorgeous;

    I found it via, and want to use up some of my mums velvet she's had lying around for years.

    I'm just curious, is there any pattern in particular you used? Also, how different was Velvet to work with compared to other fabrics?


  9. no wonder I loved that jacket so much I LOOOOOOOOVEEEEE that show!


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