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I love Pinterest, and love the polyvore outfits people put together.
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Since thinking of a complete outfit with accessories is kind of foreign to me, I appreciate all the ready ideas floating around out there.  It's helped me kind of think more about a whole outfit, rather than just jeans and a solid old navy/ target tee which is usually what I wear.

So this one in particular caught my eye for fall, and I really liked the plaid button up shirt.
I'm usually not a fan of plaid shirts, since I think of a lumber jack or something, but I thought in the whole ensemble it looked cute for fall.
I had a really great plaid yarn dyed shirting from I love.
It's a cool pallete of teal and brown, but the fabric is so smooth and has great drape.  Compared to other shirting fabric I bought it seems so much softer and better, it doesn't need to be ironed after washing/ drying.

Anyway, I only had 1.5 yards and didn't have enough for a long sleeved button up shirt, so instead I made a collared tunic with half length sleeves.

I borrowed a sewing pattern from Lynette that she bought at a thrift store from the 1970s.
The pattern has a hidden darts that angle into the side seams at the waist and the front placket for a button I haven't sewn on yet.  

The back just has two small darts at the shoulders, and the overall fit is loose like a tunic.
The sleeves ended up being a little more gathered in the shoulder than I had intended, but they didn't bother me enough to unpick and re-sew. 

Overall it's a really easy, comfortable top to wear.  
It's a looser fit, light, and I think it would be cute layered under a cardigan or something.
If I were brave enough it would look cute belted at the waist I think, but I've attempted that trend many times and always take off the belt at the last minute when I leave the house. 
I just can't pull things off as well as other people.

Tonight we picked the last of the apples from my mom's mini orchard. 
RJ loved climbing the trees and shaking the branches.
As always, if you have any outfit ideas of how you'd wear it, I'd appreciate all the tips I can get!

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  1. Love the top! It looks really comfortable, and you should try a belt!

  2. It DOES look comfortable! I love those super cute things that actually feel good to wear. I wish I had your shirt here today. :) (I am putting off getting dressed by reading blogs in my towel....I really need some new clothes!)

  3. I understand taking off the belt before leaving the house! I love the look, but I don't feel like I can pull it off really either. The shirt turned out really cute. I'm loving comfy loose tops these days.

  4. I totally understand not being able to wear some trends I can't where the cardigans like most people can. It just doesn't look flattering in the slightest.
    You said that the pattern is from the 1970's which one is it. I love the top and have some purple plaid that would be so much fun to make into a top like that.

  5. you're getting rather good at the 'style' thing :0)

    love the top

  6. Love the top. It looks so comfy and I really like the sleeves.

  7. Jess, you are so beautiful! Great pictures and the shirt is cute!

  8. I love this shirt. This is the style of shirt I have been looking for. Simple, easy to dress up, but covers the last few pounds of excess baby weight. Guess I need to start hunting down vintage patterns!


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